Enjoy Live Shipment Visibility with GoComet’s Container Tracking Software

It is high time that logistics companies do away with manual tracking and adopt automated container tracking systems. Before the emergence of digital container tracking solutions, keeping track of all your global shipments was a time consuming, laborious process. It fell upon the logistics managers to manually visit the website, key in the booking number for each container and check the status. 

Another major cause for shifting away from manual tracking systems is how the outbreak of the coronavirus and the aftermath, only brought home the fact that those companies that had more visibility into their shipments and knew exactly where their goods were, were better equipped to combat the consequences of the pandemic. To avoid major disruptions in the supply chain, logistics managers are soon realising that visibility holds the key to this problem. 

And how can you achieve end-to-end visibility for all your shipments? There is only one answer to this question – invest in automated container tracking solutions.

Any efficient and real-time container tracking solution provides advanced monitoring capabilities that too on a single dashboard. It allows you to get live updates and alerts on the movement of your freight, which serves to effectively eliminate the need for manual tracking. Moreover, you have easy accessibility to all the required information, due to a centralized dashboard.

GoComet’s live shipment tracking system

GoComet’s state-of-the-art container tracking solution allows you to track all your global shipments in real-time on a single dashboard. The module auto-captures every movement of your shipment, analyses the performance of your and sends automated updates directly to your inbox every time your shipment achieves a journey milestone. 

It also offers actionable insights and helps you improve customer experience by allowing you to share the tracking data with your customers, making way for unprecedented transparency.

Some reasons to move away from manual container tracking…

Currently, most companies track their containers in one of the following two methods. One way is through location tracking – making the containers smart with technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity. The other way is the more traditional and painful approach – through communication.

When containers are tracked through communication, the logistics manager has to manually verify each checkpoint to make sure that the container is where it’s supposed to be. You will have to navigate to the website, insert the specific container number, Bill of Lading, or booking number in a search field manually and check for updates for each container, and there is no way to store this data anywhere. Each time that you need to check for updates, the entire process has to be carried out from the beginning. 

To beat such challenges, there have been advancements in technology that have simplified container tracking. Any simple and efficient automated container tracking solution is capable of doing all this and plenty more, thereby streamlining your operations successfully.

Get live updates on the movement of your freight with GoComet

Here are some features of GoComet’s container tracking system that enables you to experience unprecedented visibility on all your shipments by monitoring on a single dashboard.

  • Helps you to evaluate carrier performance

GoComet’s platform records the status of your shipments in real-time and helps you compare planned milestone dates with actual events. This is very useful for evaluating your carrier’s performance and making data-driven decisions.

  • Eliminates the need for you to manually check for your shipment status

GoComet reduces the time that it generally takes to manually visit countless shipping websites to find out where your shipments are, to a great extent. The system captures important journey milestones and sends automated updates regarding the movement of your goods, route changes or delays, etc. straight to your inbox.

  • Improves customer experience

GoComet’s container tracking software allows you to share tracking data with your customers, thereby letting them know where their containers are, at all times. This increases their confidence in you and strengthens your business relationships.

  • Enables you to access all tracking information easily

The system enables you to gain 100% clarity across all your shipments and utilize predictive analytics to drive cost savings through data-driven decisions. As all container-related information is consolidated onto a single dashboard, customers can access such data at the click of a button.

Eliminate the need for manual tracking at the earliest!

Implementing sophisticated container tracking software will go a long way in ensuring a smooth running of all your freight operations. GoComet’s container tracking module ensures you are no longer drowning in scores of emails and follow-ups and makes sure everything is up to date. Reach out to us to learn more about our software here.