Company Overview

The multinational consumer goods company that operates in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Headquartered in two major cities, the company operates with a diverse portfolio of well-known brands across various categories such as food and beverages, personal care products, home care, and refreshments.


This case study highlights the challenges faced by the Company's virtual ocean control tower headed by the logistics excellence team, in obtaining accurate and reliable tracking data for their ocean shipments.

It examines the challenges the company was facing before using GoComet, and based on empirical data obtained from the customer, how the adoption of GoComet as tracking partner helped overcome these challenges, resulting in improved data quality, enhanced support, and increased operational efficiency.

This proven use case was used internally by the company to prove higher customer satisfaction to the management, and this led to expanded business between the Company and GoComet.

Challenges Faced with Project X:

The Company's logistics experts introduced a virtual ocean control center to improve operations. But their previous partner, Project X, brought problems. They had inaccurate data causing delays and daily errors in shipments. Tracking was limited, leaving many shipments untraceable. Also, customer support fell short after the initial sale. These challenges call for a new approach to better manage logistics.

1. Insufficient Data Hindering Business Insights:

The Company encountered significant challenges with Project X's data for ocean shipments. On a daily basis, a notable 200 to 300 containers out of a total of 4500 active shipments lacked essential milestone-level information, leaving the Company without visibility into crucial milestones such as Empty Pickup, Dispatch, Gate In, Origin Departure, Destination Arrival, Gate Out, and Empty Return.

Furthermore, upon cross-checking with the carriers, the Company discovered discrepancies between the data provided by the carriers and the information received from Project X. These inaccuracies severely hindered the Company's ability to derive valuable insights from the data, making Project X's data for ocean shipments highly unsatisfactory for their analytical needs.


2. Tracking Limitations Impact Supply Chain Visibility:

Project X's tracking were predominantly limited to major worldwide carrier lines like Maersk, OOCL, Evergreen, and others However, this posed a significant challenge for the Company as they were unable to obtain tracking information for NVOCCs (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers), Freight Forwarders, and local level 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) providers. This shortfall resulted in a substantial 50.13% of shipments lacking tracking information.

This limitation severely impacted the Company's ability to gain comprehensive visibility into their entire supply chain, hindering their ability to track and analyze shipments beyond the scope of the major global carriers. As a consequence, they couldn't monitor and scrutinize shipments beyond major global carriers.


3. Inadequate Support and Attention to Detail:

Project X's support system lacked responsiveness and attention to detail, affecting the trust and reliability of the partnership. The resolution of ad hoc queries was consistently delayed, causing frustration for the Company.

Initially, they received satisfactory connection during the sales process, but they noticed a significant decline in attention and responsiveness once the sales transaction was completed, and payment was made. This lack of continued support left the company feeling neglected and disregarded, negatively impacting their overall experience with Project X.


Switching to GoComet:

The company was seeking a solution that could streamline and enhance their shipment tracking process, enabling them to extract valuable tracking data for analytical purposes. Here's how GoComet's Track and Trace module helped them accomplish this:

Improved Data Quality:

Adoption of GoComet's platform led to a substantial improvement in data precision for the Company by delivering accurate and dependable tracking information for their entire shipment portfolio. Notably, the seamless integration of GoComet with Marine Traffic and an extensive network of over 400 carriers enabled effortless tracking of even small-scale NVOCCs, Freight Forwarders, and 3PLs.

As a result of this implementation, the Company witnessed a remarkable enhancement in data accuracy, leading to comprehensive visibility. This, in turn, translated into an exceptional surge in trackable shipments, soaring from an initial 50.13% to approximately 98%. Additionally, the incorporation of GoComet's Auto Detect (Smart Tracking) feature revolutionized the tracking process, allowing the Company to effortlessly monitor shipments from unknown carriers by just inputting the container numbers. This innovative approach not only streamlined operations but also heightened user convenience.

Milestone-Level Data of Containers:

GoComet's reliable tracking system offers well-structured data about various milestones for every shipment, ensuring the company gains comprehensive visibility into the tracking process. This encompasses essential stages like:

  • Empty Pickup
  • Loaded on Vessel
  • Trans-shipment Departures
  • Gate Out
  • Dispatch
  • Origin Departure
  • Destination Arrival
  • Empty container Return
  • Gate In
  • Transshipment Arrivals
  • Vessel Discharge

Significantly, GoComet excels in providing timely updates for milestone-level information, ensuring minimal latency. The system's efficiency in delivering accurate and up-to-date data empowers the Company to make informed decisions and maintain real-time visibility throughout the entire shipment journey.

Superior Support System:

GoComet's support team operates with a turnaround time (TAT) of less than 15 minutes, ensuring swift assistance for the Company. They exhibit exceptional responsiveness and efficiency in addressing ad hoc requirements, consistently resolving them within the appropriate time frame.

This dedication to prompt support has significantly contributed to the Company's ability to sustain uninterrupted operations and foster a favorable and productive partnership with GoComet.

Results and Impact:

Steady growth in their tracking volume

In June 2021, the company initiated their tracking efforts with 2000 containers per month, a number that escalated to 3000 by August 2022. This positive trajectory continued, reaching 5000 containers per month by November 2022. Presently, they are adeptly managing their entire volume, effectively tracking approximately 6500 containers each month. This signifies a threefold surge from their initial tracking capacity.

Furthermore, while the Company initially focused primarily on the UK region, their confidence in GoComet's capabilities has led to a global expansion of their tracking operations. Now, they are seamlessly tracking shipments across various regions worldwide using GoComet's platform.

Notably, an impressive aspect of their tracking process is the adoption of GoComet's Auto Detect feature. More than 50% of the 6500 containers per month are tracked using this feature, enabling seamless tracking of shipments handled by NVOCCs, Freight Forwarders, or 3PLs without even knowing the carrier name. This showcases the efficiency and versatility of GoComet's solution in managing diverse shipment types and providers.

Leveraging extensive ocean coverage

GoComet's ocean coverage is exemplified by its ability to successfully track 99.99% of the Company's containers. This remarkable achievement showcases GoComet's robust tracking capabilities and their commitment to ensuring comprehensive ocean coverage.

Interest in API Integration

The Company has expressed a strong interest in API integration with GoComet as part of their future plans. This signifies their intent to streamline their operations further by integrating GoComet's services directly into their existing systems and ERPs. API integration will enable seamless data exchange and enhance the efficiency of their logistics processes.

Additionally, the Company is actively exploring other modules offered by GoComet, including GoProcure, GoShipment, GoInvoice and GoComet Freight Index (GFI). The company is using the GoProcure module in their Singapore region.

By exploring these modules, they aim to leverage additional functionalities and features to reduce cost and increase visibility in their supply chain management. This demonstrates their commitment to continuously improving their logistics operations and maximizing the benefits derived from their partnership with GoComet.


This case study highlights how the multinational consumer goods company faced with data inaccuracies, limited coverage, and support issues, and how GoComet emerged as the solution.

Transition to GoComet:

  • Unrivaled Data Precision: Integration with 400+ carriers boosted accuracy from 50.13% to an impressive 99.9%.
  • Milestone Mastery: GoComet's milestone tracking empowered decision-making with granular insights.
  • Agile Support: GoComet's 15-minute response time ensured seamless operations.

Outcomes Achieved:

  • Tripling Tracking: Monthly tracking surged from 2000 to 6500 containers worldwide.
  • Complete Coverage: GoComet tracked 99.99% of containers, amplifying logistical prowess.
  • Future-Ready Integration: The company eyes API integration and GoComet modules for elevated efficiency and visibility.