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32 Days Delay in Newark due to Port Congestion in the USA

Shipping ports in Newark, New Jersey (USCQE) face extreme congestion. With major cargo carriers such as MAERSK, TURKON, COSCO, and HAMBURG SUD functional from Newark, the operations are stuck and the cargo is delayed for major seaports in USA. If you are hoping to get your shipping on time from or to Newark, then you must track the port delays in Newark.

Port Congestion News at Newark, USCQE

It has been observed that there were early signs of port congestion in the US. Many ports are facing unprecedented delays like congestion in Tacoma, USA for 14 days or seaport congestion in Long Beach (USLGB) of 6 days. Many vendors are about to face extreme demurrage and detention costs due to factors not in their hands. It is unlikely to expect the port delays in the USA to change anytime soon.

Track Your Cargo in Newark

At times like this when there are abundant port delays across the US, it can be challenging to know the whereabouts of your cargo. A container tracking software can make your life much easier to know the expected ETA of your package. You can also use the port congestion in USA data to track the estimated days of delays at different ports.

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