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Enterprise freight optimization

Companies are still adjusting to the idea of leaning on technology to streamline their supply chain management. Here is how a variety of technological solutions can help enterprises optimise their freight operations and drive significant cost savings.

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Building Supply Chain Resilience : 2020 and beyond

As organisations look to prepare themselves to face the unexpected, supply chain resilience has become increasingly valued. Today, we are looking at building supply chains that don’t merely survive disruptions but can flourish amid the chaos.

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State of Freight winter 2020

At GoComet, we empower enterprises with the latest technology to innovate their logistics operations and drive down costs. In an attempt to do our bit and keep the logistics industry in the loop — we have put out the second edition of our bi-annual report, ‘State of Freight’ 2020.

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State of Freight 2020

At GoComet, we recently walked past the milestone of moving $10B+ in air and ocean cargo worth. Through 2020, we aim to help more enterprises build a resilient supply chain. As a first step, we are reporting on our 'State of Freight' survey. The goal is to inform you about the trends the world is moving towards in the supply chain space and help you gauge your standing.

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Behind Freight Rate trends: An analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on shipping rates

To better equip ourselves for future disruptions, it’s crucial that we closely study various trends that surfaced since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Through this report, we shed light on the shift in freight rate trends from April to June as compared to July to September 2020 as recorded by the GoComet Freight Index (GFI).

Equip your logistics team with advanced data analysis and reports

Built around growing your business, GoComet’s digital automation can help you reduce your transportation spend, strengthen your business model and collaborate more effectively with both your vendors and suppliers.

Paperless contract & dispatch

Completely eliminate email dependency and make process upto 70% more efficient.

Audit ready freight operations

Every interaction in the procurement and contract process is recorded and made available.

Reporting & MIS for logistics

Build powerful GCQ reports and capture data with GoComet platform to run report and analysis.

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