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Why choose GoComet Smart Schedules?

GoComet Smart Schedules facilitates stress-free shipment planning and smart decision making by offering the latest sailing schedules of various carriers and invaluable industry insights.

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Accurate planning

Stay updated with round the clock access to precise and updated sailing schedules of all carriers on a single dashboard.

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Benchmarked freight rates

Eliminate the scope of overpayments by comparing your booking rate with industry benchmarked rates.

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Carrier performance

Choose the right carrier via historical schedule reliability analysis based on carrier performance data captured over several years.

Most frequently asked questions

  • How to use Smart Schedules?
    1. Enter the POL and POD for which you’d like to access the sailing schedules.
    2. Click on the Search button to instantly check the sailing or vessel schedules.
    3. Once the search results are generated, you can use Filters and Sorting options to structure these schedules as per your preference.
    4. Refer to the generated schedules online or Sign up to download the schedule for free.
  • How to check vessel schedule?

    By entering your desired Port of Loading (origin port) and the Port of Discharge (destination port) into the search tool and clicking Search, you can get vessel schedules on our tool for free

  • What is a vessel schedule?

    GoComet’s schedule represents a set of ports the vessel will travel between, with estimated arrivals and departures from those ports. It contains arrival plans, routing information like transhipments along with the vessel’s name and voyage number

  • How to find the availability of vessel schedule?

    You can use GoComet’s Smart Sailing Schedules tool that enables shippers and freight forwarders to view the next available shipping schedules for their freight between specified ports and with varying levels of service from numerous carriers

  • How are merchant vessels and cargo ships tracked?

    Merchant vessels and other ships are tracked by carriers using AIS systems and these systems allow carriers to visualize and maintain plans. The information on the arrivals and departure dates then are used by the carriers to present the vessel’s schedule across all the ports that it will visit in its sector of operation.