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Resources and FAQs on freight forwarding for logistics and supply chain professionals

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Choosing the right Transportation Management System (TMS)

With tightening capacity and ever-soaring rates in the face of COVID-19, managing logistics and shipping goods has become a turbulent experience. Investing in the right TMS can streamline your operations and boost business.

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Airfreight Vs Ocean freight

Businesses that deal with international shipments are always faced with the dilemma of choosing between Ocean freight and Air freight at some point or the other. Although the two serve the same purpose, they are poles apart in multiple ways. Choosing to use one over the other is a highly conditional decision and boils down to a significant difference in cost and time.

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Four costly mistakes supply chain leaders must avoid

The larger, more complex and interdependent an industry grows, greater the scope for errors to occur. Certainly, the rapidly growing and highly intricate supply chain industry is no exception.

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Inform freight logistics with data and powerful reporting

Automation that helps your freight transportation spend and get the data you need. Increase productivity and work effectively with your customers and carriers.

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Enterprise Freight Optimisation Guide

GoComet's guide to optimising enterprise freight operations. See how modern logistics team can use technology to bring down freight costs, save time and increase process visibility.