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Enterprise Software for Freight Negotiation

Engage with unlimited vendors and get the best deals at the best price, every time.
Enjoy transparent and efficient bidding with our RFQ management module.

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Secure the best deal through Automated, Compounded Negotiation

Our automated compounded negotiation system ensures that your vendors compete to give you their best possible rates, driving double-digit cost saving each time you ship.

GoComet's freight quotation module for securing best deals through automated copound negotiation.

Audit-ready, Transparent Procurement

Accepted by all the major global accounting firms. GoComet's data logs record every interaction in the bidding and selection process to ensure that your business is awarded on merit. In addition, our system logs dramatically reduce the time taken to conduct internal and external audits.

GoComet's freight quotation software for an audit ready and transparent procurement.

Reduced turnaround time for Spot Rates

GoComet's platform allows you to set your own deadlines for procuring spot shipment rates from your vendors, automatically nudging their submissions in the time frame that suits you and your business.

GoComet's freight quotation software for reduced turnaround time from vendors for spot rates.

Instantly compare rates and vendor performance analytics

GoComet captures and records a range of data metrics such as performance of all your vendors over a period of time across shipping lanes, regions or business units. Leverage the value of your supply, chain analytics and move to a data-driven decision making process.

GoComet's freight quotation software for instantly comparing rates and vendor performance analytics

Stress-free documentation process

GoComet's template-based, formatting system auto-fills information for you, increasing accuracy levels and efficiency by saving you time that can be invested in other areas of your business.

GoComet's freight quotation module for a stress-free documentation process

"GoComet has comprehensively transformed our commercial finalisation in the export process. It has created process resilience and streamlined our logistics operations. The RFQ module's negotiation system has made it possible to get the best rates and helped us reduce costs significantly. Moreover, as the system has digitalized and automated the entire freight procurement process, every piece of information is a click away and has paved the way for seamless audits. Compliments to the GoComet team on developing this module. Now we are working to implement this even at all our international Locations."

Nikunj Desai

Head of Global Supply Chain, Associated Capsules Group

Nikunj Desai, Supply Chain Head, ACG gives a testimonial on how GoComet's RFQ module helped streamlined their logistics operations

FAQ - Freight Quotation Management

  • A freight management system helps streamline your logistics operations and eliminates the scope for errors in carrying out various supply chain functions.
  • It helps you enhance your brand image via improved ability to meet your customers’ needs and ensure top-quality customer service.
  • Adopting a logistics software facilitates sound supply chain management as customer orders, and the billing process is carried out efficiently.
  • A freight management software solution paves the way for an integrated supply chain management where each party concerned with the operations can access all the relevant information at any time from anywhere.
  • The system helps you build an agile and cost-effective supply chain by ensuring that you get the best freight rates possible.
  • A freight management software solution makes it possible to forecast demand and better manage the available resources and the overall production cycle.
  • The logistics management solution automates multiple workflows, making processes quicker and error-free.
  • It frees up your team from tedious, repetitive tasks and allows them to focus on more meaningful work.
  • The system facilitates accurate and sound planning and allows you to track and trace each activity on a single dashboard.
  • Some freight management software auto-capture multiple data-points, analyse the data and offer instant actionable insights.

Enterprise Freight Optimisation Guide

GoComet's guide to optimising enterprise freight operations. See how modern logistics team can use technology to bring down freight costs, save time and increase process visibility.

Equip your logistics team with advanced data analysis and reports

Built around growing your business, GoComet’s digital automation can help you reduce your transportation spend, strengthen your business model and collaborate more effectively with both your vendors and suppliers.

Paperless contract & dispatch

Completely eliminate email dependency and make process upto 70% more efficient.

Audit ready freight operations

Every interaction in the procurement and contract process is recorded and made available.

Reporting & MIS for logistics

Build powerful GCQ reports and capture data with GoComet platform to run report and analysis.

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