Freight Bill Audit Software & Invoice Matching System

Market studies show that 25-30% of all freight invoices are wrong, with many discrepancies ultimately going unchecked. GoInvoice enables error-free freight invoicing by automatically highlighting mistakes to your vendor.

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  • Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (iOCR)

    GoComet’s iOCR solution reveals any inconsistency between the invoice and your original quotation through a proprietary blend of OCR technology, contextual language processing and algorithmic programming.

    GoComet's Invoice Matching module uses Intelligent Optical Character Recognition for revealing inconsistencies in your invoices.

    Auto-notify vendors of inaccuracies

    By automatically notifying vendors of freight invoice inaccuracies, GoInvoice saves you the burden of laborious person follow-ups each, and every time there is an error.

    Auto-notify vendors of inaccuracies with GoComet's Invoice matching module.

    Quicker approvals, faster payment cycles

    Your new platform offers you the option to auto-approve freight invoices and set your own, pre-defined tolerance levels. Your module may also be integrated with the internal finance department’s systems to initiate and further speed up the payment process.

    Integrate GoComet's invoice matching module with your internal finance department’s systems for faster payment cycles.

    Seamless auditing process

    Through the platform’s ability to time-stamp actions and remarks on each freight invoice, your auditing process is improved whilst freeing your logistics team from time-consuming audit requests.

    Use GoComet's Invoice matching module for a seamless yet effective auditing process.

    "GoComet has contributed well in the way we manage our cargo. It has automated most processes reducing manual intervention and improved overall efficiency in the workflow while bringing in great transparency in the system."

    Nilesh Gandhi

    Vice President Procurement, Sun Pharma.

    Nilesh Gandhi, VP Procurement, Sun Pharma tells that GoComet has brought great transparency in their import/export systems.

    Enterprise Freight Optimisation Guide

    GoComet's guide to optimising enterprise freight operations. See how modern logistics team can use technology to bring down freight costs, save time and increase process visibility.

    FAQ - Invoice Reconciliation

    Invoice reconciliation is a process of confirming and matching every piece of information in invoices. The process includes sorting every invoice to match with corresponding bank statements and ensuring no discrepancies. Traditionally, this process is done manually by an organisation's logistics and accounts team.