A Complete Guide to Freight Management Software Solutions

what is freight management

Freight management is an umbrella term encompassing various processes that help move freight efficiently and strategically from its point of origin to its destination. The process includes ensuring coordination between multiple parties, modes of freight transport and technologies.

The process is quite elaborate and complex and involves physical assets such as trucks, robots, warehouses, distribution facilities, technological solutions, and professionals with supply chain management expertise.

The technical definition of freight management is the process of a shipper hiring a logistics service provider (LSP) to move his cargo from one place to another while efficiently and strategically using various modes of transport, employing their expertise and other resources.

Equip your logistics team with advanced data analysis and reports

Built around growing your business, GoComet’s digital automation can help you reduce your transportation spend, strengthen your business model and collaborate more effectively with both your vendors and suppliers.

Paperless contract & dispatch

Completely eliminate email dependency and make process upto 70% more efficient.

Audit ready freight operations

Every interaction in the procurement and contract process is recorded and made available.

Reporting & MIS for logistics

Build powerful GCQ reports and capture data with GoComet platform to run report and analysis.

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