Container Tracking Software

Widest Coverage & Fastest UpdatesExperience unprecedented visibility on all your shipments by monitoring on a single dashboard. Get live updates on the movement of your freight and eliminate the need for manual tracking.

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  • Benefits of Container Tracking Software

    All carriers in one place

    Eliminate the need to visit countless websites to trace your shipment. With GoTrack by GoComet, track all your shipment with any and every carrier on a single dashboard.

    GoComet's container tracking search form

    Auto-capture every movement of your shipment

    Your new, optimized logistics strategy includes using our cloud-based TMS. Our Container tracking system will track containers in real-time and by comparing planned milestone dates with actual events, helps you assess carrier performance.

    GoComet's container tracking module for autocapturing status of your shipments in real-time.

    Automated updates to your inbox

    GoTrack eliminates the need for you to visit countless shipping websites to find out where your shipments are. Your new system will capture essential journey milestones and send automated updates straight to your inbox. Get alerts & notifications before the carrier through AIS powered Geofences and avoid demurrage, detention or any late charges.

    GoComet's track and trace module for automated updates related to live conatiner tracking.

    Improve customer relationships

    Tracking data may also be shared with your customers for their specific shipments, providing detailed journey updates on their orders and improving their customer experiences through unprecedented transparency.

    GoComet's container tracking module's tracking data helps improving customer relationships.

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    GoComet is the world’s leading multimodal logistics platform that helps companies transform the way their supply chains operate, creating process resilience and driving double- digit cost savings.

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    Have up to 50 container shipments a month?

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    Have over 50+ container shipments a month?

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    Comprehensive performance and analytics dashboard

    Gain 100% clarity across all your shipments and get predictive analytics to drive cost savings through data-driven cost decisions all on a single dashboard.

    Tracking performance and analytics dashboard

    "GoComet has helped our export and import teams gather quotations, negotiate with forwarders, and track shipments in a quick and efficient manner. It has removed our dependency on multiple email threads and ensured that all communication is centralised in one place which helps locate information faster and make more informed decisions."

    Stuti Bhageria

    Special Project Manager, Filatex India Ltd.

    Stuti Bhageria from Filatex India talks about how GoComet's her team helped track shipments in a quick and efficient manner.


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    FAQ - Container Tracking

    No! GoComet is a multi-modal logistics platform to automate your end-to-end logistics. As part of our offerings, we provide real-time container tracking.