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42 Days Delay Due to Port Congestion in Miami Seaport, USA

It has been seen that major seaports in USA are experiencing huge delays due to port congestions across all the busiest seaports in the USA like Longbeach port, Tacoma seaport, Newark shipping port, Norfolk, Oakland, and Minneapolis shipping port. A surging 42 days port delay in Miami is ongoing but the signs ahead are somewhat positive.

Port Congestion in Miami, Current Status

In the 1st week of July, as of the fourth of July, the meridian delay in days was 15.68 days for Miami which has now reached a substantially high peak of 42 days. But the good news is that based on the current port congestion in USA data, the number of days Miami faces shipping delays is going to get down. As of now, the data for 11 July shows a meridian delay of 11.52 days.

Track Your Shipments in Miami

Seeing the unprecedented shipping delays in the USA it is difficult to analyze the whereabouts of a container and the expected number of days it will take for your container to reach you. Track your containers and use data to monitor the port congestion in the USA. With 82% of shipments failing to operate on time from Miami, it is only advisable to avail of a smart sailing schedule to avoid any hassles for your cargo operations in the USA.

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