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38% Increase in Container Freight Rate from Busan, South Korea to Tacoma, USA

Despite the heavy port congestion in USA, the 20 ft container freight rate from Busan (KRPUS) South Korea to Tacoma (USTIW) USA have spiked by almost 38%. Contrary to what most freight forwarders would expect, almost a 20% decline has been witnessed for 40 ft containers as well on the same shipping route.

Container Freight Rate Calculator for Container Shipping Rates of Major Seaports in USA

As data depicts on the Freight Calculator by GoComet, the rates of 20ft shipping containers were steady up till 20 June 2022 at $5501.00 per container. However, prices have been spiking ever since the 20th. The final spike was witnessed a few days back when the prices per container reached $7590 as of 4 July 2022.

Current Freight Rate Index for 20ft Containers

As per the Gocomet freight Index, it is evident that the 20 ft container prices have been stagnant for shipping between Busan seaport and Tacoma seaport. The pricing is still at $7590 with near to no chances of increasing. Based on the port congestion in the USA it is better to track your container and be vary of any unexpected demurrage detention charges.