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FedEx and eBay form an e-commerce collaboration for the Asia Pacific market.

To assist merchants in the Asia Pacific area to reach more customers worldwide, FedEx Express and eBay have partnered.

Because of the agreement, businesses in APAC may now take advantage of competitively priced FedEx e-commerce delivery service packages and improved shipping capabilities.

According to FedEx, marketplace sales make up 67 percent of all worldwide e-commerce. The market is anticipated to reach US$353tn by 2030, with the Asia Pacific region’s e-commerce sector predicted to expand by roughly 14 percent annually.

The agreement will offer direct access to FedEx as well as improved shipment capabilities. Additionally, eBay sellers will have direct access to FedEx for pickups, billing inquiries, purchasing shipping documents, and rerouting items.

The partnership will launch in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam during its initial phase, with other regional markets to follow in the next fiscal year.

“eBay has been boosting retail export in the area and allowing our sellers to build their businesses via our global marketplace,” said Vidmay Naini, eBay’s GM for India and Southeast Asia’s International Cross Border Trade. The ecology of cross-border e-commerce depends on shipping.

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