Data Depicts Upcoming New York Port Congestion. Delay Spikes From 4 to 7 Days in a Week

Based on the Port Congestion data by GoComet, the New York seaport is experiencing delays of almost 07 days as of 01 August 2022. The data also indicates that the New York port congestion is likely to rise in the coming days. As a result, 64% of shipments have failed to arrive on time at the USNYC port.

Port congestion status of USNYC in the past few weeks

Within a span of 4 weeks, the New York seaport has experienced a varied number of delays. On 4 July the number of days in delay was 08 days that fell down to 5 days on 11 July. USNYC experienced high delay days again when the data recorded a 7 days delay on 18 july that again fell as low as 04 days on 25 July. Based on the weekly data metric the current median number of days of delay at USNYC is 7 nights which is expected to go further up against the previous trends.