Port congestion in Norfolk, USA (USORF) comes down to 4 days from a high of 13 days

Port congestion in Norfolk, USA has reduced in the past few weeks, and based on the port congestion data by GoComet, the last recorded number of congestion days on August 22 was 4 days. It is likely for it to remain low in the near future so the freight forwarders can take a sigh of relief. the number of days in delay has been fluctuating for the past few weeks and every week there is almost a new number.

Data Trends for port congestion in Norfolk, USA (USORF)

On July 11 the median delays in days were almost 12.59 days which since then has gradually come down. After a month on 1st August, the same number came down to 6.76 days. However, almost 52% of shipments still fail to reach Norfolk Port on time. DHL is among the best performing carriers in Norfolk, USORF. If you wish to know more you can check out the sailing schedule data by GoComet.