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Port Congestion In Tacoma USA, 14 Days Delay Expected

The USA is under extreme pressure from supply chain vendors as major seaports in the USA face port congestion and delays. Tacoma seaport, Newark seaport, Longbeach port, Boston shipping port, and Oakland shipping port are some hubs for port congestion in the USA.

Seaport in Tacoma, USA (USTIW) Faces Challenges

Based on the ongoing delay, it has been found that almost 68% of shipments fail to arrive on time in Tacoma. This delay is only expected to grow further in the upcoming days with no viable solution in the face of unwanted shipping problems. Major carriers face delayed shipments like CMA CGM (Compagnie Maritime d Affretement Compagnie Generale Maritime) and are burdened with late fees and demurrage detention charges not in their hands.

Port Congestion in USA Updates

All the ports in the USA can be tracked and the data to monitor various port delays across the USA can be used to track your shipments. If you are a vendor or a shipper, having access to a smart sailing schedule can provide you with all the information you need to see the expected arrival time, delays, and carrier performance at the biggest seaports in the USA.

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