Port Congestion in the USA: 7-day port congestion in Baltimore, USA (USBAL)

Baltimore port is also affected by the ongoing port congestion in the USA and has shown a varied number of days in delay throughout the month of August. As depicted by the port congestion data by GoComet, Baltimore displayed 8 days delay on 1st August which later fell down to mere 2 days on 08 August. After the second week, the congestion rose a bit and the delay days reached 3 days as recorded on 15 August.

As of 22nd August, the median number of days in delay has once again risen to 7 days. As a result, 68% of the shipments fail to reach on time. YMLU is the best performing carrier on Baltimore Port so far based on the sailing schedule data by GoComet. We hope to witness some relaxation in the delays in the coming future.