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Port Congestion in the USA: Congestion of 19 days at Savannah Port

Savannah has been facing unprecedented delays for a long time and not just Savannah but all the seaports in the USA are experiencing delays including New York, Cleveland, Seattle, and Houston. The current port congestion in the USA has baffled vendors all around. This bottleneck has been going on for many days but has considerably reduced from before.

Current Data Depiction for Port Congestion at Savannah Port (USSAV)

Based on the data by GoComet, Savannah port experienced a delay of 17 days as of 01 August 2022 which slowly increased to 19 on 08 August. The curve depicts a further increase and is expected to disrupt the supply chain further. The nearby port Charleston is also experiencing delays of up to 46 days. We hope to see better data in the near future.

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