Port Congestion in the USA: 32 days delay in Newark comes down to 1 day

The supply chain has been experiencing many bottlenecks due to various factors that lead to port congestion at some of the major ports in the USA. the many factors that adversely affect logistics are the Suez Canal accident, global inflation, Ukraine Russia war, and lockdown at many ports in China due to Covid. Despite the adversities, the port congestion in USA data by GoComet shows that the number of delay days in Newark has finally reduced to 1.

Current data on port congestion in Newark, USCQE

Based on the metrics, the median days of delay at Newark seaport was almost 14 days on 18 July which tumbled down further to reach 1 day as of 01 August 2022. However, despite the progress in delay days, the average percentage of shipments reaching on time in Newark is still only 51. With time we hope to see more positive changes and an increased number of shipments reaching on time in Newark (USCQE).