Port Congestion in the USA: Detroit (USDET3), USA faces 14 days of port congestion

All the major ports in the USA are facing congestion and due to that majority of the suppliers are facing inconvenience. The average number of shipments reaching on time is declining rapidly. As per GoComet’s data, a multi-modal AI-powered logistics platform, USA port congestion is here to stay and Detroit port is no exception to it.

Data Trends for Port Congestion in Detroit, USA (USDET3)

Based on the port congestion data by GoComet, Detroit port experienced a total of only 2 days as the median number of days in delay, as recorded on 08 August. However, the same median days in delay raised to 14 as recorded on 15 August. Almost 40% of shipments don’t arrive on time in Detroit and the YMLU carrier is among the top performing carriers in Detroit port, based on the sailing schedule data by GoComet.