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Port Congestion in the USA: Miami Port delay comes down to 0 from 42 days. 70% of shipments still fail to arrive on time

Miami seaport in the USA (USMIA) was experiencing heavy port congestion based on the port congestion data by GoComet in the past weeks. Due to this congestion, almost 81% of shipments failed to arrive on time in Miami. Fortunately, the current metrics depict that the median number of days in delay has reduced to 0.66 as of 01 August 2022.

Data prediction for port congestion in USMIA

As of now, the data predicts a considerable steadiness and downfall in the delay status and it is likely to remain so for the next week too. However, the record of shipments reaching on time in Miami is only 70%. We hope that in the coming weeks the latter metric will improve and there will be more percentage of shipments reaching Miami port on time.