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Port Congestion In the USA: Port of Cleveland, OHIO, (USCLE) faces 6 days of delay

The port congestion in the USA is rapidly increasing and affecting the busiest seaports in the country. New York, Savannah, Ohio, Houston, and many more ports have been experiencing unprecedented delays that have disrupted the supply chain besides burning holes in the pockets of vendors due to high demurrage detention costs.

Data Prediction on Port Congestion at Cleveland Port

The median number of days in delay for Port of Cleveland (USCLE) has reached 15. As of01 August, the USCLE port experienced 07 days and the current delay on 08 August is of 8 days. The graph based on the real-time port traffic data by GoComet represents a downward trend in the upcoming weeks and we hope to see less congestion ahead.

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