Chicago port

We previously gave the news about the 19 days delay at Savannah port and while we hoped the numbers to go down, they have increased drastically. Factors like inflation, Ukraine Russia war, COVID lockdowns in China, and the Suez Canal incident are a few of the many that have significantly contributed to the ongoing port congestion in the USA. Savannah Port is no exception and the traffic at the port is affecting maritime shipments.

Data Trends in Savannah Port Congestion

Savannah Port has displayed a varied number of congestion days in the four weeks of August itself. On 1st August the port congestion data by GoComet displayed the median number of days in the delay to be 27.55 which fell down to 19.24 on 8th August. Data showed a 12.64 days delay on 15th august which as of 22 August has more than doubled and reached 32.83 days. More than 72% of shipments have failed to reach in time which could impose a serious concern for freight forwarders in the USA and the world.

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