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Port Congestion in USA, Oakland Seaport Runs a Delay of 14 Days

Reports of port congestion in the USA all across the major seaports have been flourishing. It has been noticed that the shipping port of Oakland is not excused either and continues to face unprecedented delays and congestion.

Current Situation of Port Congestion in Oakland (USOAK), USA

The last reported delay on Oakland Seaport of USA was taken from the port congestion data on Jul 4, 2022 where the meridian days of delay were 9 days. This delay soon progressed and amounted to an approx of 14 days in a short span of 7 days, as the new data collected on 11 July depicts. Only 53% of shipments have been reported to arrive on time in Oakland and while popular shipping carriers like HDMU have maintained an on-time performance, it has been rather challenging for other major carriers in the USA.

Port Congestion in USA across Major Seaports

Various data have been collected for port congestion in the USA across all significant ports and it seems inconclusive as to when and how will the delays reduce. While major seaports in the USA like Miami, Tacoma, Newark, Minneapolis, and the rest suffer from this congestion, tracking your package to and from Oakland could help you gauge the progress of your shipment.

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