Port Congestion in USA Updates: Tampa Port Congestion of 12 days

Based on the reports by Gocomet, a multi-modal logistics platform, the Tampa port congestion has increased to 12 days. The Port Congestion data by GoComet depicted an ongoing rise in delay. The first signs of delay were recorded on 29 August when the median number of days in delay was only 2. Within a week’s time, the latest data rose to 12 days which has left the freight forwarders worried.

Tampa Port Congestion

Based on the sailing schedule data by GoComet, 64% of the shipments have failed to arrive on time and among the ones that do arrive on time, ZIMU has performed the best. Apart from Tampa, the nearby ports are also depicting delays with Jacksonville at 2 days, Port everglades at 1, and Miami port at a soaring 8 days. The graph shows an onward slope which only suggests that the Tampa port congestion is likely to stay and rise in the future.