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The Minneapolis harbor is now experiencing a port congestion caused 10-day delay, but the future trends are fairly concerning. It has been observed that major seaports in the USA are facing significant delays as a result of congestion at the main seaports, including Longbeach, Tacoma, Newark, Norfolk, Oakland, and Minneapolis.

Predicted Port Congestion in USA

Frequent reports of long delays at all the major seaports of the USA have surfaced. Based on the port congestion data it is hard to say what seaports in the USA will face further delays and which ports will relieve the vendors of unexpected demurrage charges, detention fees, and late fines. Minneapolis seaport faced its first congestion-oriented delays of almost 3 days as chartered on 4th July. Since then the number of days for the delay has been rapidly rising. This is the case across all the commercial seaports in USA.

Track Your Shipments at Minneapolis

It is challenging to estimate the location of a container and the anticipated length of time it will require for your vessel to reach you given the enormous congestion bottlenecks in the USA. Assess the port congestion in the USA by tracking your containers and using the collected data. With 92 percent of shipments from Minneapolis (USMES), USA, being late, it is only prudent to take advantage of a sensible sailing schedule to prevent any difficulties in moving freight in the USA.

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