LRM platform

  • The global pandemic has highlighted the value that Logistics Resource Management (LRM) platforms provide to export-import oriented companies. For organisations considering LRMs for the first time or an upgrade of their current solutions, should they invest in building a customised, in-house platform or buy a ready-to-go, off-the-shelf software? Here are some of the factors to consider to help you make the decision that’s right for you.  An ideal way to start is by outlining the key requirements of your company and the corresponding features you will need to meet those requirements. Consider making a list of features that you may or may not need or would be good to have.  With your requirements defined, next consider your implementation timeline, budget and other resources available to you.  To build, or not to build, that is the question… Ok, your IT team have confirmed that they could build a system, but should you? Your organisation may lean towards building an in-house system and may have all the resources it takes to build one but is it worth your time and money? Unless localised solutions are at the core of your business, building your solution might just translate to a waste of invaluable resources.  On the other hand, a pre-built solution that can be customised to meet your needs can help you instantly leverage your resources while staying within your budget.  What’s more scalable? Quickly scaling up your customised solution to meet each need that arises with time may not be always viable. Quite often, companies are very specific about their needs and customise their solution accordingly. Unfortunately, this can become a barrier that limits the flexibility of the system especially when additional functionality is required, such as during the times of crisis.  Even when it comes to investing in a pre-built solution,...