GoComet Vs Project44:
5 Differences you Should Know in 2024

In this era of digitalization, Project 44 and GoComet have emerged as key players in logistics SaaS solution market. In this blog post, we will highlight 5 main differences between them.

Multimodal capabilities (Ocean, Road, Air and Rail)Feature markFeature mark
Comprehensive ocean coverageFeature markFeature mark
Extensive integration with telematics providersFeature markFeature mark
Predictive ETA using multiple source (Carrier, AIS and live vessels data)Feature markFeature mark
Automated shipment tracking from the shipper till the end consigneeFeature markFeature mark
Proactive BL upload and auto trackingFeature markFeature mark
Smart tracking to track non-traceable shipmentsFeature markFeature mark
Advanced insight into carrier performanceFeature markFeature mark
Workflow and stakeholder collaborationFeature markFeature mark
Geofence alertsFeature markFeature mark
Demurrage and Detention trackerFeature markFeature mark
Consignee dashboardFeature markFeature mark
Sailing SchedulesFeature markFeature mark
Port congestion analysisFeature markFeature mark
Freight index for benchmarking real-time freight ratesFeature markFeature mark
Single platform from booking till invoice reconciliationFeature markFeature mark
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What does GoComet do?

GoComet is a pioneering technology company specializing in logistics and supply chain management solutions. Offering a comprehensive platform, businesses gain real-time shipment visibility, efficient freight procurement, and advanced automation tools to streamline processes, all on an unified platform. With seamless invoice reconciliation and a commitment to simplifying complexities, GoComet empowers businesses to optimize operations and achieve quicker return on your investment in the logistics endeavors

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What does Project44 do?

Project44 offers logistics tracking and analytics solutions for businesses, providing features like freight ETA, pickup and delivery tracking, container tracking, LTL and VLTL support, rail tracking, and automated shipping document access. It aims to simplify logistics tracking and enable businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Pricing Comparison

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Customers can expect a significant cost-saving advantage with GoComet, offering 3x lower pricing compared to P44, all while maintaining uncompromised quality.

With GoComet's tailored logistics solutions, businesses only pay for the specific services they require, ensuring a cost-effective approach that yields higher ROI than P44's complete cost requirements.

Customers experience effective pricing ensuring faster processes, and unmatched efficiency with GoComet, making it the ideal choice for efficient and value-driven logistics through it's unparalleled value-based pricing.

Ocean and Air Coverage

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When it comes to tracking goods in transit at sea, GoComet outperforms P44. With an impressive global shipping network covering 98% of the carriers in the industry, GoComet leads the way with over 500 reliable carrier partnerships.

Unlike others, GoComet even works seamlessly with NVOCCs as well as freight forwarders, ensuring the highest possible level of visibility. GoComet also offers smart tracking that enables tracking of shipments when carrier is unknown, significantly improving the coverage provided by the platform.

P44 does not offer Tracking with many NVOCCs, freight forwarders or when the carrier is unknown.

Road Coverage

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Project 44's coverage in the road tracking is more extensive than GoComet. They leverage Global ELD/Telematics providers integration to provide enhanced visibility on the surface, making it a reliable source for tracking FTL (Full Truckload) or LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipments.

The use of these technologies allows P44 to offer real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities, improving efficiency and transparency in the transportation process. This focus on road coverage and advanced tracking features positions P44 as a dependable solution for managing and monitoring shipments on land.

API Integration

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GoComet provides a dependable API integration solution that excels in stability, consistency, flexibility, and security, surpassing P44. The platform offers multiple integration options like webhooks, APIs and embeddable elements for seamless adoption, granting businesses effortless implementation and real-time access to crucial data and insights for streamlined logistics management.

In contrast to GoComet, some reviews from G2 have highlighted that customers encountered integration challenges with P44 because of multiple sub-products that need to talk to each other.

GoComet API docs:

Deployment Cycle

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GoComet again surpasses P44 here, as it eliminates manual setup and long deployment cycles. With it’s efficient and streamlined deployment process, businesses can swiftly get their operations up and running seamlessly within 1 (one) hour.

GoComet's SaaS solution not only provides convenience and efficiency, but also eliminates the need for manual setup due to availability of multiple configurations and preferences.

Furthermore, the integration with SAP, Oracle etc have been found to be completed fast with GoComet.

Quality of Support

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GoComet outperforms P44 with its proactive international customer support, available 24/7 to resolve user queries within record time. The response time for high-priority issues is only between 0-24 minutes (no, its not a typo).

GoComet assigns a dedicated Key Account Manager (KAM) who bridges the customer and GoComet's technical teams. GoComet also receives a strong support quality rating of 9.7/10 on G2 Reviews, prevailing over Project 44's 8.8/10.

Check out what GoComet’s and Project44’s customers say about their after-sale services:


While both Project44 and GoComet offers logistics solutions, GoComet offers competitive advantages in terms of pricing, ocean coverage, API integration, deployment cycle and quality of support. By carefully evaluating these differences, organizations can make an informed decisions and select a platform that aligns with their specific logistics requirements, ultimately enhancing their supply chain operations and driving business success.

*The blog content is up-to-date as of July 2023

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