Houston Port Sees Strong Growth in Container Volumes, While Facing Declining Import Demand

When compared to the same month last year, container volumes at Port Houston increased by 15% to 313,452 TEUs in February. Volumes are up 6% year to date, totaling 633,442 TEUs. However, due to high inventory levels and a general decrease in consumer demand, the port is experiencing a decline in import demand, which is consistent with the national trend. Nonetheless, due to the strength of petrochemical commodities, export volumes have increased by 42%. General cargo has decreased by 25% year to date, while steel imports have decreased by 8%. Despite these challenges, Port Houston has reported a 7% increase in total tonnage year to date.

Source of information – Port technology


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  1. The port also reported a 42% increase in export volumes driven by petrochemical commodities

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