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Live Update – Port Congestion at Nhava Sheva

Every terminal at Nhava Sheva is congested: Repairs and replacement of gantry cranes at GTI are reducing terminal capacity by 50%. This is expected to last until October or November. The weekly number of services calling at the terminal has been reduced from 13 to 6. BMCT has limited its operating window and the number of services that can access the port. JNPCT, NSICT, and NSGT are experiencing congestion as a result of increased volumes.

Last updated on 16th of March, there are 32 vessels at the port, with 33 more on their way. According to GoComet experts, the number of vessels is high at this point, and the free days allotted to carriers will be limited, implying that companies will require better and more visibility on their shipments. You can check the status of your shipments in real time using the GoTrack Container Tracking tool.

Due to the congestion, move counts are limited, and carriers will discharge import containers before loading export containers. Roll-overs and cut-and-runs are both possible. Imports may be discharged at alternate ports by some carriers. Due to road congestion, export gate-in times may be reduced while waiting times may increase. Furthermore, because vessel empty discharge will be limited, a container shortage is possible.



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