Port Congestion in USA: A shocking 49-day delay at Charleston Port (USCHS), freight forwarders baffled

There have been reports of unexpected port congestion in the USA which is causing difficulties for supply chain vendors all around the world. Many seaports in the USA have been facing port delays and increased container freight prices. Charleston, Newyork, Savannah, and many more seaports in the USA face delays. Almost 73% of the shipments have failed to arrive at Charleston USCHS on time.

Data on Charleston Port Congestion (USCHS)

A hike in port traffic in the USA was experienced when Charleston seaport started showing early signs of gradual delay that spiked all of a sudden. On 18 July, the reported number of days for delay at Charleston was 0, as depicted by GoComet’s Port Congestion Data. However, the number of days went from 0 to 3 in just a span of 1 week. On July 25, the data showed a 3 days delay which surprisingly went on a sudden hike. As of August 1st, the median days in has amounted to 49 with the current number on 18 days.