port congestion in USA

Due to heavy port congestion in USA, sea and ocean shipping costs and rates have declined for many major seaports in USA. One such example is the decline in the shipping cost of a 20ft container from Chennai, India, (INMAA) port to Baltimore, USA, (USBAL) shipping port.

Weekly Price Trends for Baltimore Seaport USA from Chennai India Shipping Port

Based on the GoComet Freight Index data for sea & ocean shipping costs, Baltimore has been steady when it comes to the pricing of 40 ft containers. However, the prices have declined significantly for 20 ft containers in the past 3 weeks. The decline started from 27 June,2022 when the price per container was approximately $12090.00 per container. On 4th of July, the pricing was reported to be around $11556.00.

Current Freight Rate for Baltimore (USBAL), USA

At present, based on the real time data, Baltimore shipping port has a 20 ft container cost at $11296.50 per container. Needless to say that based on the delays across major shipping ports in USA, the container prices are bound to decline. It is only advisable to keep track of your containers and obtain a smart sailing schedule for all your freight needs.

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