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10 EcoPioneers in the Realm of Supply Chain Management – 2024

Disclaimer: The list is purely subjective and is created on the basis of relevant experience and the contribution of the selected professionals in this field. If you have any suggestions or recommendations of other names who deserve to be a part of the list, please reach out to us and nominate your choice for – EcoPioneers in the Realm of Supply Chain Management

The global supply chain is undergoing a dramatic shift. Consumers are demanding greater transparency and environmental responsibility, pushing businesses to adopt sustainable practices at every stage. Supply Chains are one of the largest contributors to global emissions and so, the task to make it greener and more sustainable is MAMMOTH!

Fortunately, a wave of passionate influencers are leading the charge, inspiring innovation and fostering collaboration.

Here is GoComet’s list of the top ten Eco Pioneers in sustainable supply chain management. From industry veterans to rising stars, they offer a diverse range of expertise and insights to help navigate the path towards a greener and more ethical supply chain.

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Sheri Hinish


Affectionately known across the industry as the Supply Chain Queen, Sheri Hinish is bringing sustainability to the seas! With a masters in Sustainability from Harvard and Supply Chain Management from Rutgers, her illustrious career stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication. Sheri has collaborated with numerous Fortune 500 companies, driving impactful change and championing sustainable practices within supply chain management. 

Currently serving as Global Consulting Sustainability Technology and Ecosystems Leader at EY, Sheri guides clients on their journey to net zero. Her expertise spans ESG data and regulatory reporting, sustainable supply chain optimization, circular transition strategies, and innovative approaches to decarbonization. By leveraging the best in sustainability services, Sheri empowers organizations to create a positive impact on our planet.

In addition to her expertise, she also hosts a podcast and a YouTube channel where she passionately shares her insights with the world. Her commitment to knowledge-sharing and advocacy for sustainable practices makes her the absolute perfect EcoPioneer. 

Tom Raftery

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Tom Raftery, a multifaceted professional, channels his deepest passion into supply chain sustainability. He is an influential figure, and his impact resonates across the industry. Currently, Tom hosts two successful podcasts: “Climate Confident” and “Sustainable Supply Chain.” His thought leadership places him in the top 10 global leaderboards. With over 25 years of experience, he is not only a sustainability and technology professional but also a captivating keynote speaker.

His website, Tom Raftery’s Musings, serves as a treasure trove of information. His unique and insightful approach focuses on the smart use of technology and sustainable innovations. Visitors to his site can explore a wealth of knowledge that empowers them to make informed decisions in the ever-evolving landscape of supply chain sustainability. 

Without a doubt – Tom Raftery is an incredible Eco Pioneer.  

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Deborah Dull

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Deborah Dull, Founder of the Circular Supply Chain Network, is a true innovator. Her unwavering commitment to creating circular supply chains recycling raw materials back into manufacturing processes minimizes waste generation and significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Her work is nothing short of genius!

As the Vice President and Global Supply Chain Sustainability Leader at Genpact, she spearheads a revolution in sustainable supply chain practices. Additionally, Deborah has authored the book “Circular Supply Chain: 17 Common Questions” and is a sought-after speaker in the industry.

Having collaborated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Deborah undoubtedly stands as an expert and a perfect Eco Pioneer!

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Michael Vincent

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Michael Vincent, CEO and President of OPT USA Inc., is a rising star in the realm of sustainability. He challenges conventional thinking by asserting that plastics are not the issue; rather, it’s our irresponsible use and disposal of plastics that poses a problem. With 35 years of experience, he aims to tackle plastic waste management and create a circular supply chain.

Michael Vincent, hosts the Sustainiacs, the world’s leading sustainability podcast dedicated to creating a more sustainable supply chain. Additionally, he recently launched Trucking Towers, a podcast aimed at simplifying supply chain concepts. 

This Eco Pioneer is absolutely ready to take the industry by storm!

Ivanka Janssen

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Ivanka Janssen, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Swarovski, stands out as one of our network’s most prominent supply chain executives. Her extensive career spans various facets of the supply chain within several companies in the fast-moving consumer goods industries. 

Notably, Janssen’s efforts are laser-focused on digitizing and automating processes, optimizing inventory management, and enhancing transparency and traceability across the supply chain. Her commitment to sustainability is evident in these strategic initiatives.

With her extensive years of experience and expertise, Ivanka stands as a formidable Eco Pioneer!

Ali Green

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Ali Green, the Vice President of Walmart, brings 26 years of experience to her role. Her expertise lies in safety, maintenance, engineering, and operations. As a leader, she prioritizes creating value for customers, shareholders, and communities while ensuring the efficiency and safety of Walmart’s supply chain.

Under Ali Green’s leadership, Walmart has been committed to sustainability initiatives across its global supply chains. Key highlights include achieving zero waste to landfill in Canada, Japan, the U.K., and the U.S. by 2025, working toward being powered by 50% renewable energy sources by 2025, doubling sales of locally grown produce by 2025, and envisioning a regenerative approach to transform food and product supply chains in harmony with nature.

Ali Green really earns her place as one of our Eco Pioneers!

Gretchen McCarthy

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Gretchen McCarthy, the Chief Supply Chain and Logistics Officer at Target, has been instrumental in driving the success of the retailer’s supply chain operations. With two decades of experience in merchandising, supply chain management, inventory, logistics, and operations, she exemplifies effective leadership and innovative thinking.

Under her guidance, Target has actively embraced sustainability initiatives as part of their Target Forward strategy. These include achieving circularity and promoting responsible resource use. Target is committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions across its enterprise by 2040.

Gretchen McCarthy truly stands out as a powerhouse of an Eco Pioneer! 

Marion Gross

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Marion Gross, the Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer at McDonald’s North America, has been instrumental in driving the success of the retailer’s supply chain operations. With two decades of experience in merchandising, supply chain management, inventory, logistics, and operations, she exemplifies effective leadership and innovation.

Under her guidance, McDonald’s actively contributes to sustainability efforts. Marion Gross, along with McDonald’s, supports the NextGen Consortium, which aims to accelerate circularity in foodservice packaging solutions. Additionally, McDonald’s has embarked on a 10-year quest for sustainable beef, ensuring responsible sourcing practices, minimizing environmental impact, and promoting sustainability within the beef supply chain.

Marion Gross’s commitment underscores the importance of industry collaboration in addressing waste challenges and promoting viable market solutions, solidifying her position as one of our leading Eco Pioneers.

Matt McLelland


Matt McLelland, serving as the Vice President of Sustainability and Innovation at Covenant Logistics, harnesses his extensive 20-plus years of IT expertise to find innovative strategies into the supply chain sector. 

Steering Covenant’s sustainability endeavors, McLelland orchestrates the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs with a visionary approach.

His proactive engagement in the logistics landscape involves a deep-dive into industry trends and cutting-edge technologies, alongside a keen eye for emerging startups. McLelland’s commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in his hands-on testing of products pivotal for freight decarbonization, autonomous vehicle development, and the exploration of alternative fuel options. A recognized thought leader, he frequently graces various industry conferences, sharing valuable insights on sustainability innovations and fostering collaborations. 

Of late, McLelland has shed light on the critical issue of Scope 3 emissions, advocating for strategies that significantly reduce idle time, boost fuel efficiency, and embrace transitional technologies. 

This dedication towards sustainability makes Matt an incredible Eco Pioneer!

Matt Dwyer


Matt Dwyer stands as a distinguished leader at Patagonia, renowned for spearheading material innovation and development. A Lehigh University graduate, Dwyer is at the forefront of crafting environmentally sustainable products, perfectly aligning with Patagonia’s core mission to protect and preserve our planet. His leadership is pivotal in steering the company’s product development towards a greener future.

With a team that embodies a forward-thinking ethos, Matt relentlessly pursues innovative solutions to address the environmental challenges of tomorrow. Among his team’s significant milestones is the transformation of Patagonia’s iconic Nano Puff jackets, now boasting 100% recycled materials!

Dwyer’s environmental advocacy extends to the elimination of harmful PFAS chemicals from rainwear. His contributions are instrumental in Patagonia’s decade-long journey to reimagine its products and supply chains, ensuring a positive ecological impact. This relentless pursuit shows Patagonia’s dedication to not just outdoor apparel, but to fostering a sustainable relationship with our environment, making Matt invaluable as one of our Eco Pioneers! 

The need for sustainable practices is an undeniable reality in today’s world and this is a revolution that has to be led by the Supply Chain industry. These stalwarts are leading the charge, pushing for a better tomorrow, and so it’s instrumental that we recognise them and follow their example. 

Keep pushing dear Eco Pioneers, we can’t wait to see what you do next!