3 Benefits you should be getting from your route optimization software

Two of the biggest problems businesses face today are providing a fantastic delivery service and reducing costs in supply chain and logistics operations. It’s challenging to balance these two deliverables. Therefore, it becomes necessary to adopt technologies like route optimization software and logistics management software.

Route planning is essential when it comes to ensuring on-time and economical deliveries. However, creating effective routes is not that simple. As a result, businesses in all sectors are adopting sophisticated route-planning software. Let’s quickly understand what such software is and why it’s crucial before we get into the specifics.

What is route optimization software?

Route optimization software is the tool that enables logistics companies to plan and generate the most effective route when executing a delivery. When routes are efficient:

  • Fuel costs decrease 
  • Driver productivity increases
  • Risks reduce
  • Delays rarely happen
  • Customer satisfaction increases significantly, and
  • Every delivery is profitable

It aids businesses in real-time route optimization, better SLA compliance, and on-time in-full (OTIF) adherence.

Why do you need route optimization software?

Traffic congestion costs the people of America $1,348 and ​​97 hours yearly. Now imagine the impact on your business. A lack of real-time communication and agile decision-making can result in delivery delays and an unpleasant customer experience. This is where route optimization software comes into play.

A route optimization software can help you plan the most efficient route for delivery, enable your logistic and transportation team to work in sync, and transform your delivery process. It helps to create routes with multiple route combinations to deliver better results.

Benefits of Route Optimization Software

  1. Reduce fuel costs

The route optimizer performs accurate route planning by tracking the performance of the vehicles to reduce fuel costs by identifying the most cost-effective routes.

No matter how many deliveries your team needs to complete at once, the route optimization software has you covered.

You can improve the profit margin and minimize operational costs without sacrificing the quality of the customer experience.

  1. Real-time visibility 

Real-time data tracking allows your transportation and logistic ecosystem to operate in unison and make informed decisions.

You can monitor each driver in your fleet to ensure deliveries are made on time and follow your company’s policies.

Any deviation or challenges can be easily tracked, addressed, and dealt with by the proper guidance and required actions to ensure that the overall delivery operations are not hampered.

  1. Leverage data

Today businesses can provide a tailored experience to their target audience because they have valuable data to optimize and make well-informed decisions. 

A route optimization software lets you leverage your logistic and transportation data and improve your delivery service calls with outstanding route management.

Our Recommendation

You can start by trying route optimization software that best fits your business needs and requirements. It would be best to explore an easy-to-use, customizable, multimodal logistics solution, which is also highly scalable as and when your business grows. Not to mention, such SaaS solutions are the easiest to deploy, hardly require any training to start using, and are highly intuitive. These affordable solutions make it easier for medium and smaller companies to optimize their supply chain efficiencies cost-effectively.

Feel free to fix a free walkthrough demo of how GoComet’s solution can help you drive double-digit cost savings in your supply chain while eliminating all the pain points you may currently face due to the lack of automation.