Fight the impact of COVID-19 with GoComet’s supply chain software

Fight the impact of COVID-19 with GoComet’s supply chain software

As the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, our reliance on supply chains has never been more starkly illustrated. From medicine to medical supplies, facemasks to foodstuff, manufacturers and their logistic teams are working round-the-clock to ensure that essential goods are being delivered.  

Many though find themselves close to breaking point, as country lockdowns and chronic container shortages cripple their ability to keep the world’s goods moving.

It is here that technology can help.

GoComet’s Logistics Resource Management (LRM) platform makes it possible for companies to comprehensively transform the way that their supply chains operate, creating process resilience and driving double-digit cost savings.

Cloud-based, our easy-to-use software is quick to set up and can be rapidly extended across organizations and is simple to integrate with existing systems.

Automated Spot RFQs – the best deal at the best price 

As freight contract rates across the world lose their competitiveness, organizations are rushing to the spot market to keep their goods moving. For companies with hundreds of shipments per month, the traditional practice of manually contacting each and every vendor, and comparing each quote becomes impossible.

GoComet’s Freight quote platform offers an innovative solution to this problem, by automating the negotiation for you and allowing you to create and share inquiries with all your vendors simultaneously. 

RFQs can be created and submitted to vendors in seconds, who can then submit their quotes and see their rank compared to their competitors but crucially, not their price or identity. 

Through compound negotiation via vendors’ efforts to secure the first rank and increase their chance of winning business, the rate you pay keeps shrinking, ensuring that by the end of the bidding process you can win the best deal at the best price.  

Track & Trace on a single dashboard

Knowing exactly where your goods are and when they will arrive is a fundamental part of logistics management and now, more than ever, shipment visibility has become crucial.

With port delays and failing supply chains becoming a common daily occurrence however, manually visiting separate websites to track every single container becomes practically impossible.

GoComet solves these problems for you and your team, providing a single dashboard to give you real-time, automated updates on the movement of all your international shipments. 

With increased visibility on the movement of your goods and the service levels of your carriers, your team is equipped to make informed, data-driven decisions despite these uncertainties. 

What’s more, tracking shipment data can also be shared with your customers, providing them detailed updates about orders throughout the lead time and improving their customer experiences via unprecedented transparency.

Automatic updates on port delays across the world

As the coronavirus continues to spread, ports across the globe are experiencing significant delays. Preventative measures aimed at curbing the virus, combined with unprecedented capacity cuts by carriers, are leaving companies at a loss as to how long their goods could be in transit. 

Here too, GoComet is here to help, by providing free, daily information on the average and maximum delays at over 300 seaports across the planet. 

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Save costs and time by automating invoice processing 

Industry studies reveal that invoice processing costs around $5 to $12 per invoice. Worst yet, the process is mundane, time-consuming and prone to errors. 

GoComet’s automatic invoice reconciliation module helps you reduce these inefficiencies by 76%. 

Our software matches your freight invoices to your original quotations and immediately highlights any inconsistencies to your vendor, saving you the trouble to follow up with them in person each and every time there is an error. The system can even auto-approve invoices and notify your payments team, making the process faster and more efficient and reducing payment times to your vendors.

Improved resilience for today and tomorrow

GoComet’s digital automation can help your organization reduce its transportation spend, strengthen its business model, increase personal productivity, and collaborate more effectively with both your customers and suppliers.

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