Resisting technology in supply chain can be your biggest mistake

Resisting Technology in Supply Chain Can Be Your Biggest Mistake, Here’s Why?

“Ah! I can hire one person to do that job instead of using technology”

We hear this and we cringe in fear. This is a sure-shot way to oblivion. History has shown enough that you can’t stop a change whose time has come. If hiring one more person was a substitute for technology, we’d still be riding horses instead of sending emails.

We see Googles, Apples, and Ubers of the world spending billions in automation and knocking off established players from the business landscape.

Ask yourself? If any company would ever give you a run for your money, would it be on the back of technology or would it be because they hired one more person?

Now you know why we cringe.

At no point do we mean to say that humans are not effective. But the slowest airplane beats the fastest car hands down when it comes to travel speed. It isn’t fair to even compare humans to technology. It makes much more sense to train them to work with technology and drive change than resisting it.

Managing others, analyzing data, applying expertise, and doing unpredictable work is better left to humans and is less likely to be automated in the short run. Even there, one wouldn’t risk making an assumption that they won’t get automated eventually.

Visionary leaders have this clarity, they are the first movers. When it comes to adopting technology that can offer them a competitive advantage. Why wouldn’t they? In time everyone adopts, ones who start early gain big.

We saw this play out in front of us as we have gone about showing, World’s best freight cost comparison platform to the industry professionals.

HINDALCO, Sun Pharma, Pidilite, Polyplex, Indorama, Sapmer, VVF lapped it up instantly, no long debates. They are gaining every day. It’s not that they didn’t have doubts. But when every doubt is settled, it’s too late. Visionaries know how to take a leap of faith. No wonder they beat the rest by miles.

Technology is inevitable. You can ride on it like a surfer or it will eventually hit you like a tsunami.

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