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Searates Review 2023: Competitor Comparison

SeaRates.com was launched in 2005 in the United Kingdom and is a digital platform enabling customers to transport cargo worldwide. The company has been focusing on automating the cargo delivery process and improving visibility from origin to destination. This article thoroughly analyzes current product trends, focusing on data from dependable sources like G2 Crowd, Capterra, and Trustradius to give a fair review of Searates.

An overview of Searates

Searates is an automation platform used by cargo owners and consumers looking to transport goods at the best rates. The company also offers various industry tools to freight forwarders for tracking and visibility of cargo, Logistics Community Systems (LCS) documentation, and ship schedules, to name a few web-based tools.

Searates product offerings

A suite of freight transportation solutions from Searates includes:

  • Logistics Explorer: Real-time freight calculator to compare rates
  • Container Tracking: To track all freight shipments online in one place
  • Ship Schedules: To find sailing schedules by route or vessel 
  • Load Calculator: The smart engine for transport stuffing
  • Route Planner: A tool for carriers to provide accurate tracking

Searates comparison based on Capterra reviews

The following comparison by Capterra takes the top three competing platforms in the market based on similar features.

Searates vs GoComet vs Freightos

Searates vs competitors: product features comparison

FeatureSearatesGoCometFreightosTrack & Trace
Container trackingticktickticktick
Freight index for benchmarking real-time freight ratestickticktickx mark
Vessel schedulertickticktickx mark
Logistic document managertickticktickx mark
Predictive ETA using multiple sources (Carrier, AIS and live vessel data)x marktickx markx mark
Advanced insights into carrier performancex marktickx markx mark
Automated shipment tracking from the shipper till the end consigneex marktickx markx mark
Accurate AI-driven port intelx marktickx markx mark
Proactive BL upload and auto-trackingx marktickx markx mark
Smart tracking to track non-traceable shipmentsx marktickx markx mark
Single platform from booking to invoice reconciliationx marktickx markx mark

Searates – top pros

  1. Quick to provide a quote after an enquiry
  2. Optimal product functionality

Searates – top cons

  1. Language issues – Customers have been wary of dealing with support executives who don’t speak English which eventually creates a communication barrier.
  2. Quotes are quick but do not address or cater to the operations team’s precise requirements. They are mostly too generic.
  3. The system is not robust enough to validate encounters that waste time while making a freight enquiry.

Our recommendation

  1. It would be best to explore an easy-to-use, customizable, multimodal solution, which is also highly scalable as and when your business grows. Along with multi-modal tracking capabilities, if the platform provides additional features such as freight procurement, stakeholder collaboration, document management and automated invoice reconciliation, it will be a huge advantage to your operations team in terms of cost and time savings.
  2. Do not choose a heavy ERP solution and bear the full costs if your requirements are different and minimum. Also, check how well the system can be integrated with your existing software. Choose a solution that best suits your shipment volume and everyday operations. Affordable solutions make it easier for medium and smaller companies to optimize their supply chain efficiencies cost-effectively.
  3. Choose a provider who can give a proactive customer support team and has the quickest response in case of any issues.
  4. Choose a solution after trying it out for a free trial period. You need to know if the solution caters to your requirements.

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Disclaimer: The above review is compiled from the information on each company's website and top software review sites like G2Crowd and Trust Radius. However, this list may change over time as these businesses add new features to their product portfolios. We recommend you consider this factor while making your decision.