5 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Container Tracking Module

5 Reasons Why Companies Should Use Container Tracking Module

You did it — you finally dispatched your shipment!

It’s smooth sailing from here, right? WRONG.

On average, one intercontinental shipment includes hundreds of interactions and more than 20 players involved– freight-forwarders, port handlers, marine insurers, inland transportation and so forth.

In this context, shippers frequently whinge about the difficulty in getting actual-time visibility of their shipments and that they don’t have any real guarantees about storage and transport situations.

Dispatching a shipment was only half the battle; you still have to deal with delays or disruptions, inspection and on and on. The delay in shipments also leads to delay-related charges (Demurrage and Detention) and other fees.

It also affects the shipper and consignee relationship.

Can you guess what most companies do to solve these problems?

They have manual processes where they have to track by going to different airlines and shipping lines and checking each of them, click by click.

I know what you are thinking…. There must be a better solution, right?

One that gives real-time insight and doesn’t take much time.

That is why the Container tracking and tracing module came in place…to foresee the transportation lead time.

Container tracking systems provide the shipper all the insight regarding the different stages of the logistics and transportation process, consisting of information on the status updates of the container. Way to technological improvements, now it has grown to be less difficult to track the passage of goods at any time.

An efficient field tracking system offers you port info and also gives you data about the location of your shipments. To track a container current location, some essential info is required, i.e., container number/invoice of lading/booking number and the shipping line.

Top 5 reasons why companies should use Container Tracking Module

Reduce Time And Energy

You can track multiple containers one after another from a single dashboard, deal with their capacity and organize the delivery procedure so that the minimal amount of time and energy are used. You can figure out the most efficient and cost-effective transportation routes possible. Not only that, but you can also minimize touchpoints, therefore, reducing damages in turn.

Valuable Assets are Secure

Your cargo cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars per shipment, hence by investing in containers tracking solution you can be sure that your valuable assets are secured. Container monitoring tools can give you real-time data on the location and situation of your products (owned or leased). So, that you could be confident that your containers are easy to locate.

Prevent Additional Operational Cost

As a first-party, you experience problems with moving goods and merchandise through the supply chain and eventually to distribution, this dramatically impacts your operational costs. Whilst the container tracking module can’t solve the problem of added expenses due to shipping issues, it is able to save you extra operational costs by providing you with a “heads up” regarding delayed and delay-related charges (Demurrage and Detention) and fees, lost, or compromised shipment.

By receiving notification about shipment milestones, arrival, events, and delays enabling consignee to become proactive and ready for immediate exceptional handling. When a container tracking system is used properly, it can keep costs down and production up.

Increase efficiency — and customer satisfaction

Real-time container monitoring data enables you to make better business decisions, control over his delivery dates and respond unexpectedly and accurately to queries. Fast and accurate response leads to greater internal efficiencies for strategic planning, purchasing, and maintenance. Sales and customer service teams are better able to field questions and craft solutions for your clients. Easy-to-access information means fewer emergencies and smoother operations.

By sharing the container tracking dashboard with consignees, you can add delight experience in their service.

Additional Lead-time Gains

With waiting times for each stage analyzed post-project, routes, choice of carriers and choice of departure and arrival ports can be optimized, and carriers commitments can be monitored better

On some lines, gains can be measured in inventory days or weeks.


The accumulation of detailed tracking data of numerous shipments will create long term gains for your industries including pharma, chemical, electronic equipment, agriculture, automobile, construction, oil, and gas and other industries involved in logistics operations.

Working with shipping containers is something that requires serious investment, but, if handled properly, can bring great profits. Since properly handling this investment means that you have to be informed of the state of your container, a container tracking module is a great tool for handling this over long distances.

Everything is done online and any changes are instantly shown, so you can be informed in a timely manner. If you buy a shipping container (for whatever reason), be sure to use this service, because it will save you a lot of time and nerves.

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