GoComet Container Tracking Solution

GoComet Container Tracking Solution

There are 40 major shipping lines that transport your cargo from a POL to POD. Once the containers are booked, the job is not done.

It is very essential to track the status of the cargo as:

1. The cargo is worth thousands if not millions of dollars
2. Lack of knowledge of delays in exports can spoil your relations with your customer affecting future business
3. In imports, lack of knowledge can result in you ending up paying extra detention charge and ground rent

Today, a Shipper (Exporter) or Consignee (Importer) deals with as low as 5 containers to as high as 500 containers in transit at any given point in time.

These containers can be on one or multiple shipping lines. How is the container status being tracked?

1. Manually going to every shipping lines website, putting container number, checking the status and populating excels daily
2. Compiling DSRs from freight forwarders/CHAs and updating status daily

This process is human dependent and requires a lot of time to be invested to be 100 percent accurate.

But, you can automate this process through GoComet’s advanced Container Tracking Solution.

1. Just upload an excel with all container numbers on the platform
2. View live status of all containers on one dashboard
3. Get daily MIS in excel format about the status of containers
4. Automated email notification in case of any delays from the planned date
5. Automated notifications two days before your cargo are about to reach the destination
6. Access to a map-based tracking to quickly view the vessel location

The GoComet Container Tracking Solution is being used by a lot of forwarders to provide DSRs to their respective clients. It is only logical to track on your own when you can have access to the same platform. Tracking your shipments have lots of advantage and here are the reasons why you should.

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