Latest freight trend in Pharmaceutical Industry

The Latest Freight Trend In The Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, a large percentage of the business is export-oriented. Since the goods are sensitive, i.e. perishable, they require a specific temperature for storing. Due to the nature of the cargo, most of the exports are done via Air cargo only.

The freights today are very dynamic and every air shipment is unique as opposed to FCL shipments which largely remain the same irrespective of the tonnage. Hence, it is very important for companies to negotiate rates for each and every shipment in order to maximize their savings.

The weight of shipments can vary from anywhere between 10 kg to 5 tonnes or even more. Most pharma companies, big or small have a large number of air shipments where the cargo is small packages weighing less than 500 kg. Since this leads to the volume of shipments being high, it becomes impractical to procure freight in the old manual way of mail and calls.

Understanding this limitation, a lot of pharma clients have gone online with their freight procurement process. There has been the latest trend in the pharma industry to adopt GoComet for their freight requirements. Sun Pharma, MegaWeCare, Lupin, JB Chemicals and Pharma, ACG Pharma, Megafine Pharma are some companies following this trend. A lot of the other biggest names in Mumbai as well as Ahmedabad are also currently testing GoComet and would be subscribing soon.

What is the advantage of GoComet versus the manual process or any other platform that is present? GoComet is a very specific tool built especially for international logistics as opposed to any other tool which is used for general procurement. The algorithms of negotiation used in GoComet are able to bring out the hidden savings from the existing vendors which are humanly not possible. Efficiency improvement, man-hour reduction, transparency, audit compliance and automated tracking of containers are the other benefits the system provides directly to exporters/importers.

GoComet is the world’s best platform to make freight procurement efficient and fast. Our enterprise SaaS product is used by manufacturing companies to drive sharp reverse auctions bringing out the best possible end to end rates for international shipments.

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