Worldwide Port Congestion Data

GoComet offers free worldwide port congestion data to help companies during Covid-19

As organisations across the world struggle to track their shipments due to the chaos being wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, GoComet would like to help by freely sharing our live global freight visibility or port congestion data.

In the wake of current events, companies are dealing with countless questions such as how are their shipping lanes are being affected by government measures or whether their transhipments will be able to proceed on time?  

GoComet’s on-line portal can help you find these answers and more, by automatically notifying you with real time updates of port delays across the world. 

Our system pools data from the thousands of containers that GoComet tracks each and every day through our container tracking software. Regularly updated, our portal maintains a record of port delays across more than 300 ports.

How does the platform calculate delays?

To calculate the delay, the difference between the initial scheduled date and the actual dates of movement are considered. For containers in transit, the delay is calculated as the difference between the initial scheduled date and the present planned dates. The system also calculates average delay by comparing cumulative data relating to all container movements on each port from February 1, 2020 to date. 

How user-friendly is the platform?

Convenience and ease of functionality were our key objectives when engineering our product and the result is the most user-friendly platform on the market today. To find information on any port of your choice, simply enter its name in the search field. The modules will then instantly display the average and maximum delay for that port. To further enhance user-experience, delay classifications have also been colour-coded, with: delays of more than five days indicated by a red circle; delays of three to five days by a blue circle; and delays of less than three days by a green circle. 

Click here for your free access to our worldwide port congestion data.

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