Automate Freight Procurement Process

Automate & Digitise Your Freight Procurement Process

FACT #1: to automate and digitize takes time.

There’s no denying it, so you might as well embrace it – and profit from it too!

FACT #2: you need automation and digitization everywhere. 

Whether it’s for: simplifying manual processes; reducing worker fatigue; increasing efficiency; leveraging data or improving metrics, it’s impossible to ignore the value of automation and digitization. 

The bottom line is that companies need to automate and digitize processes in today’s markets or else lose customers, sales and profits.

But have you automated and digitized your logistics operations and freight negotiation yet? And have you found a solution that optimizes your freight procurement process and extends your logistics services? More importantly, is it a solution that lets you pay less for your international freight procurement?

When thinking about your choice of software, a few of the older systems might come to mind. 

Price-wise however, it may be difficult to reconcile your return on investment. Not only that, they may not have all the necessary freight procurement and analytics features you need. Which leads us to our next factoid…

FACT 3#: many freight procurement systems just weren’t designed for you. 

Imagine though if you could have a complete logistics solution, fast and easy to use, built exclusively for logistics operations, and which won’t cost you the earth…

GoComet’s logistics resource management platform took three years to plan, develop, test and super-optimize to become the world’s best. Our RFQ solution delivers a lighting fast freight negotiation process and audit-ready experience that leads the field and always outperforms on cost-savings.

No Installation, No coding, No designing or other ‘techie stuff’.

See how with GoComet you can send requests for your freight shipments to any number of your vendors in just minutes.

FACT 4#: GoComet’s RFQ solution will change the way you operate your logistics and save you time and money.

Features & Benefits of our Freight Procurement module

Quotation Form: Optimise Your Freight Negotiation Work

You can create quotation forms which are then automatically distributed among your vendors within your own private platform. The solution allows you to compare price and service level quotations from all of your vendors. 

Reverse Auctions: Turning the Procurement Process Upside Down!

The concept is the same as a normal bidding process, except for one distinct difference…the bidders try to outbid one another by going lower and not higher. Which makes it even more exciting as you watch the system automatically negotiate for you to drive down your procurement costs and save money for your organization.

Auditing – Never Worry About Audits Again!

No more wasting time on manually preparing reports for auditing; our software gives you visibility in logistics procedures with effective audit and compliance norms. Thanks to our advanced tech, each of your logistics data update itself in real-time to ALWAYS reflect changes, accurate prices, and the latest deals.

Analytics & Reporting – Advanced Analytics & Research Data to Extend Your Logistics Services

You’ll receive insider statistics to manage your shipments, including everything from your volume and cost to your vendor and more. GoComet’s software organizes data into informational summaries to monitor how different areas of logistics are performing. By exploring data and reports you can extract meaningful insights that can be used to better understand and improve logistics performance.

Automated Freight Management – Get Started Today!

With just a few clicks you will have your platform ready to automate your logistics operations. This is great news since you don’t have to waste your time on complicated technical stuff, you can dive straight into unleashing the money-saving potential of our cloud-based software.

Additional benefits of GoComet’s Freight Procurement Software

  • Ultra-fast 24/7 Dedicated Support
  • No Coding, Design or Technical Skills Required
  • Regular Updates
  • Complete Step-by-Step Video Training and Tutorials Included
  • Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software
  • Commercial License

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