Benefits of Tracking Tracing for Your Logistics Business

How does a container tracking system benefit your organisation?

If there’s one thing that you certainly can’t overlook when your organisation embarks on a journey to strengthen supply chain management, then it’s supply chain visibility. Comprehensive shipment visibility and the resultant operational efficiency benefits everyone in the supply chain. 

Today, organisations across industries are rapidly turning towards cloud-based online container tracking solutions owing to the ease of usage and visibility these systems offer. Here are some of the benefits of a modern-day container tracking system:

Benefits of container tracking system to your organisation

  1. Auto-capture every movement of your shipment

State of the art tracking systems are designed to track your containers in real-time .and compare planned milestone dates with actual events. This makes it possible for you to assess the performance of your carriers.  

With the traditional tracking method, which involves visiting shipping lines’ websites to track containers, you are very likely to access outdated information. It can further lead to miscommunication and confusion between you and your customer. 

However, with present-day tracking solutions, this problem doesn’t arise. The software tracks your shipment round the clock in real-time and gives you timely updates.

  1. Automated updates to your inbox

You don’t need to put in efforts to seek updates on your shipment’s location anymore. Your new container tracking system will not only capture the live location of your cargo but also auto-notify you each time your shipment attains a journey milestone. 

Depending on the system you choose, you will get an auto-generated email or message straight to your mobile phone. 

  1. Improve customer relationships

Competent systems also allow you to share tracking data with your customers for their particular shipment. This allows your customers to get detailed journey updates and enhances overall customer experience.  

  1. Actionable insights through a performance analytics dashboard

Intelligent tracking solutions have a comprehensive analytics dashboard which enable you to make data-driven cost decisions. 

From the time you adopt a tracking solution, it captures several data points for each of your shipments. The system is built to capture everything from the time your shipment leaves the port, reaches the transhipment port (if there is a transhipment port involved), departs from there, to the time it arrives at the destination.

Over a period of time, the system accumulates enough data to offer actionable insights based on actual data. It can compare the quality of service provided by the parties your work with and help you assess your carrier and vendor performance, determine which routes are best suited for specific geographies and more.

Above all, the analysis is available to you on a single easy-to-use dashboard, and you can access it within a click.

  1. Saves time and helps drive savings

As the system eliminates the need for you to visit countless websites, compile several reports and update sheets manually, you end up saving a massive amount of time. Moreover, by making informed cost decisions based on accurate data analysis, the system equips you to drive savings.  

In conclusion

The market is swamped with a variety of container tracking tools and software today. It is for you to research well and decide which system best suits the needs of your organisation. 

If you’d like to learn more about how GoComet’s container tracing software enables hassle-free, efficient shipment tracking and equips you with advanced data analytics, schedule your free demo here