Win Spot market with GoComet’s RFQ software

How to win in today’s spot market with GoComet’s RFQ software

With cost-saving strategies more important than ever, companies around the world are facing a situation where faltering contracts and a widening gap between container demand and supply is forcing them to turn to the spot market to fulfil shipment orders.  

For organisations with hundreds of shipments per month, suddenly having to manually create, compare and negotiate each and every rate to ensure they have secured the best deal is straining many beyond breaking point. 

To ensure the best deals, your vendors need to be engaged in a series of negotiations to shrink their rates. For many, however, relying on the traditional system of negotiation is simply no longer an option.   

Automate to win, with GoComet’s spot RFQ software 

Quickly and easily strengthen your supply chain resilience through GoComet’s automated spot RFQ software. Deploying the power of our unique Recursive Rate Reduction system, you can ensure that you receive the very best rates from your vendors, every time, by automating freight negotiations and driving double-digit savings and efficiencies.

Create and share inquiries with all of your logistics service providers in seconds and then sit back and relax, as our automated software takes care of the rest.

Every time your vendors submit their quotes, the module instantly calculates the net landed costs of their quotation and reveals their rank as compared to their competitors. Crucially, however, the identity and price of their competing vendors remain concealed. 

As your vendors battle to secure the coveted first rank to increase their chance of winning business, with each bid, your rates are squeezed lower and lower. 

Low-touch, but high-tech

GoComet is the most user-friendly logistics resource management software available in the market today. Whether combined with your existing ERP or as a stand-alone platform, our team will have this up and running for you in days. And user-training is even quicker. You won’t need any in-house consultants to decode your new purchase, instead, we’ve created an intuitive, easy-to-use platform where new users become super users in less than an hour of the online tutorial.

Your time to thrive

To schedule a free demo of how our spot RFQ software will save you time and money whilst helping you build a resilient supply chain for today and tomorrow, reach us here. 

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