Getting freight quotes from forwarders made easy

GoComet: Getting freight quotes from forwarders made easy

Research shows that only 30% of shipping quotes from forwarders are provided in 48 hours or less. 14% take over 4 days and over 40% of quote requests are never responded to.

What happens when your forwarder does not quote to you in time?
1. Your shipments get delayed because you don’t have clarity on the price at which you have to book the container.
2. You end up paying higher due to a lack of time to negotiate better freights.
3. You have to invest time to continuously follow up with multiple forwarders until they quote a low freight to you.

Why does the forwarder not quote instantly?
1. It is a human tendency to procrastinate work unless triggered by external factors.
2. The forwarders take you for granted and feel that they are obligated to get the business because they know that you are dependent on them.
3. There is no competitiveness as they are not aware of their quote’s standing. There is no incentive for them to rework and give a lower quote.

GoComet helps you in getting instant and lowest quotes from forwarders.
1. The forwarder is always aware of his ranking for all inquiries. So he is constantly working to quote the lowest and improve his ranking.
2. You can fix a time for every inquiry on GoComet, creating a defined deadline for the forwarder to quote.
3. The forwarder is notified on email about the status of inquiries and you don’t need to call or follow up. The platform does this job for you.

Use GoComet and reduce your TAT (Turn around time) for receiving multiple negotiated quotes from forwarders in as low as 2 hours with minimal time spent and minimal effort put in.

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