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GoComet’s 2021 rewind —The year of many milestones

2021 has been a year of relentless uncertainty across industries. However, it has also been a year of infinite opportunities. For us at GoComet, the year marked several noteworthy milestones—thanks to the continued support of our customers, partners and team.

As 2021 comes to a close, and we gear up to welcome 2022, we would like to share these milestones and our journey through this year with you. 

Joining the 100+ club 

We hit the 100+ customers milestone and got a chance to serve over 130 global brands. Besides, thanks to the trust and continuous support of our customers and partners, we added 116 new logos to our customer list this year alone. We were also able to expand footprints in new markets. At the same time, we increased our revenue by three-folds. 

Our team that once started as a bunch of five to six people working from a single room office grew this year to a group of 120+ members spread across the globe, all with the vision to expedite innovation and serve you better.

Recognised as a leader in APAC

We were honoured to be recognised as the ‘Top Transport Management Solution in APAC 2021’ by LogisticsTech Outlook — a publication that focuses on innovative solutions in freight management, audits, fleet management, and logistics. This award is a testament to our continuous innovation and commitment to serve our customers better every day.  

Enhanced service with new product updates 

In more than one way, 2021 was a year of after-effects of the pandemic. Disruptions such as container shortage, blank sailings, port congestion, the brief but significant impact of the Suez Canal blockade and soaring freight costs affected the industry severely. 

As companies tried to manoeuvre through these crises, we witnessed a massive surge in demand for our platform. Staying true to our mission of driving continuous innovation, we also launched two new free tools – GoComet Freight Index and Port Congestion tool to help companies mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

Besides, when faltering contracts affected shipments globally, relying on the traditional negotiation system was not viable for companies with hundreds of shipments each month. It’s here that we helped several leading brands leverage spot rates effortlessly via process automation on GoComet’s platform.

In addition to this, we also strengthened our core products, making them more user-friendly and intuitive. Through the year, our team managed to reduce the deployment time of the platform significantly, making it easier to onboard customers. 

Owing to these developments, the platform successfully tracked over 1,33,289 containers. Besides, we helped our customers move freight worth $686 million and drive cost savings of over $54 million.  

Rediscovering who we are: New brand positioning

We also undertook an initiative to understand better how our customers perceive us. Based on the customer survey and several internal discussions, we decided to position GoComet as a  ‘Multimodal Logistics and Transportation Platform’ with the tagline, ‘The world’s most easy-to-use, intuitive multi-modal logistics platform.’ 

We believe that this newfound position demonstrates the seamless user experience of our products and represents our vision to become the number one player in the multimodal logistics and transportation category. It also reflects our commitment to continuously innovate and evolve to serve our customers better each day. 

New markets activated   

At the beginning of the year, one of our critical visions was to expand our user base in the US and Europe regions. And 2021 gave us the opportunity to build a strong presence in these markets. In addition, we also penetrated some new markets such as Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in Southeast Asia.

Another key objective was to encourage our existing customers to use more than one of GoComet’s modules and completely integrate our platform with their supply chain ecosystem. Thanks to our team’s efforts in this direction, we were able to achieve this goal. 

“2021 has been an exciting year for GoComet as we have seen phenomenal growth across regions. In 2022, our goal is to strengthen our presence in key markets such as the US and Europe while continuing deep penetration into Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia where significant demand trends are emerging already.”

Chitransh Sahai,
CBO, GoComet

Turning a new page

As we step into 2022, we firmly believe that this is but the beginning of our growth. Today’s rapid momentum to embrace automation presents us with a breakthrough opportunity to build better, more efficient and resilient supply chains. 

While we bid goodbye to 2021— the year of many milestones and turn a new page, our hearts are filled with gratitude towards all our customers, partners and well-wishers. Here’s to more shared success and wins in the time ahead. 

From all of us at GoComet, wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year!