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Top 10 Air Freight Software of 2024 [+Features and Reviews]

Air freight software is essential for efficiently managing and organizing air freight shipments. It brings together all the key players and freight brokers involved in air freight forwarding operations. In this article, we will delve into the world of Air freight software, highlighting its advantages. We will also evaluate some of the top software in this category and help you decide which is the right fit for your everyday logistics.

Here are our top five software from the list

  • GoComet
  • Magaya
  • Shipmonk
  • Gofreight
  • Riege Software

What is Air Freight Software?

Air freight software solutions are comprehensive platforms that enable businesses to manage end-to-end operations seamlessly. They encompass a wide range of functionalities, including freight procurement, execution, tracking, documentation, and analytics. These software solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and real-time data integration to provide businesses with the tools they need to streamline their air freight operations. Let’s delve deeper into some key features provided by these software solutions:

  • Freight Procurement and Execution:

Air freight software solutions enable businesses to procure and execute freight services efficiently. They offer advanced quoting systems that provide instant pricing for air freight services based on factors such as weight, dimensions, origin, destination, and shipping preferences.

  • Shipment Tracking and Real-Time Visibility:

Real-time tracking is a crucial feature provided by air freight software solutions. It allows businesses to monitor their shipments throughout the entire transportation process. These solutions integrate with carrier systems and provide real-time updates on the status and location of shipments.

  • Customs Compliance:

Air freight involves crossing international borders, making customs compliance a vital consideration. Air freight software solutions often include features to facilitate customs compliance. They provide tools for managing import and export documentation, ensuring that businesses meet regulatory requirements.

  • Analytics and Reporting:

Air freight software solutions provide robust analytics and reporting capabilities. They collect and analyze data on key performance indicators (KPIs), such as shipment volumes, transit times, carrier performance, and costs. These insights help businesses identify trends, evaluate the efficiency of their air freight operations, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Integration and Scalability:

Air freight software solutions often offer integration capabilities with other systems and technologies. They can seamlessly integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), e-commerce platforms, and other software tools used in logistics operations. This integration allows for data synchronization, eliminates manual data entry, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

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Impact of Air Freight Software on the Logistics Industry:

The adoption of Air freight software solutions has brought about a transformative impact on the logistics industry, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their air freight operations.

Air freight software solutions have significantly improved operational efficiency by automating and streamlining various tasks. Traditionally, manual processes such as freight quoting, booking, and documentation were time-consuming and prone to errors. With the introduction of software solutions, these processes have been automated, eliminating the need for repetitive manual input and reducing the risk of mistakes.

Air freight software also generates a wealth of data that can be leveraged to gain valuable insights and drive continuous improvement. These solutions offer robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing businesses to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) and identify areas for optimization.

Let’s Dive in and Discover the Top 10 Air Freight Software Solutions in the Market


With its advanced features and robust capabilities, GoComet has earned the top spot on our list. This comprehensive platform empowers businesses to manage end-to-end air freight operations seamlessly. From freight procurement and execution to tracking and analytics, GoComet offers a range of features to streamline the air freight process. Its intuitive interface, real-time tracking, and automated workflows provide enhanced visibility and enable efficient collaboration between stakeholders.

G2 review for GoComet container tracking softwaregocomet 02 1
G2 and Capterra reviews for GoComet

2.Magaya Cargo System

Magaya Cargo System offers a platform designed to optimize air freight operations. With its integrated warehouse management, cargo tracking, and documentation capabilities, Magaya enables businesses to manage the entire logistics process effectively. 

WhatsApp Image 2023 04 20 at 16.57.49WhatsApp Image 2023 04 20 at 17.01.38
G2 and Capterra reviews for Magaya


ShipMonk is an e-commerce fulfilment and logistics platform that offers end-to-end solutions for businesses. While not exclusively focused on air freight, ShipMonk provides comprehensive capabilities for managing order fulfilment, inventory management, and shipping logistics. By integrating with various carriers, ShipMonk enables businesses to streamline their air freight operations and ensure seamless delivery to customers. The platform’s automation features, real-time tracking, and inventory visibility contribute to improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

WhatsApp Image 2023 06 27 at 16.04.17WhatsApp Image 2023 06 27 at 16.04.18
G2 and Capterra reviews for Shipmonk


GoFreight is a comprehensive freight management platform designed for the air freight industry. It offers a range of features to optimize air freight operations, including shipment tracking, document management, CRM, and financial management. GoFreight’s robust capabilities enable businesses to streamline their operations, enhance visibility, and improve collaboration among stakeholders. With its focus on air freight management, GoFreight provides tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of the industry, further enhancing efficiency and customer service.

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G2 and Capterra reviews for GoFreight

5.Riege Software

Riege Software offers a set of software solutions, including Scope, specifically designed for air freight and logistics management. Scope covers various aspects of air freight operations, such as quoting, booking, tracking, documentation, and customs compliance. The platform’s integration capabilities allow communication and data exchange with partners, enabling efficient collaboration. 

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G2 and Capterra reviews for Riege Software

6.Logitude World

Logitude World is a cloud-based freight forwarding software designed to streamline air freight operations. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, including quoting, booking, documentation, tracking, and reporting. Logitude World enables freight forwarders to manage their air freight shipments efficiently, collaborate with partners, and provide real-time visibility to customers.

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G2 and Capterra reviews for Logitude World


Easyship is a cloud-based shipping platform that offers comprehensive shipping solutions, including air freight management. The platform connects businesses with a network of global couriers and freight forwarders, allowing for seamless air freight shipping. Easyship’s intuitive interface and user-friendly features simplify the process of managing air freight shipments. With Easyship, businesses can access real-time shipping rates from various carriers, compare options, and book air freight shipments directly through the platform.

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G2 and Capterra reviews for Easyship

8.Descartes Systems Group

Descartes Systems Group provides a range of air freight software solutions, including its Global Logistics Network (GLN). This platform connects shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers, enabling seamless collaboration and visibility. Descartes GLN offers features like real-time tracking, customs compliance, and trade data analytics.

G2 review for Descartes supply chain visibility softwareCapterra review for Descartes supply chain visibility software
G2 and Capterra reviews for Descartes


Cargonet is a cloud-based logistics management system that caters to various modes of transportation, including air freight. This software provides real-time tracking, freight management, customs compliance, and reporting capabilities. Cargonet’s intuitive interface and robust functionalities make it a reliable solution for optimizing air freight operations. 

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G2 and Capterra reviews for Cargonet


CargoWiz is a specialized air freight software solution that focuses on optimizing the load planning and containerization process. This software helps businesses maximize cargo capacity, minimize transportation costs, and enhance overall efficiency. CargoWiz’s advanced algorithms and visualization tools provide accurate load planning and ensure cargo safety during air transportation.

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G2 and Capterra reviews for CargoWiz

Navigating the vast sea of air freight solutions can feel like a turbulent journey. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with G2 and Capterra reviews to help you chart the right course. Dive into these valuable insights, offering practical perspectives on each software’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall effectiveness in optimizing your air freight operations. With these reviews as your compass, you’ll make a well-informed decision that keeps your business flying high!

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As the logistics industry continues to embrace digital transformation, investing in the right air freight software solution is vital for businesses aiming to thrive in a competitive market. By leveraging these innovative tools, businesses can elevate their air freight operations, enhance customer experiences, and fuel growth in the dynamic world of logistics.

So, take the leap, embrace the power of air freight software, and embark on a journey towards streamlined operations, enhanced visibility, and unparalleled success in the ever-evolving realm of air freight logistics. Your business and customers deserve nothing less.

If you’re on the hunt for air freight software that delivers accuracy, reliability, and ease of use, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ve got you covered!