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5 Reasons to Choose Multimodal SCM Software- GoComet

In the wake of the pandemic’s second year, the world’s supply chain is yet to completely recover from its initial breakdown.

Frequent reports of congested ports, misplaced shipping containers, skyrocketing freight charges, and other issues that are disruptive and difficult to resolve have become quite common.

The ability to withstand supply chain and market interruptions is becoming an increasingly important competency for running a productive business. This can be achieved using supply chain management or SCM software that provides complete visibility into all aspects of the supply chain and the means to coordinate all activities throughout the supply chain, from planning to execution to monitoring to supplier collaboration.

5 reasons why the SCM software you choose should be multimodal

Your supply chain management (SCM) software should also have multimodal capabilities to ensure your end-to-end supply chain and logistics process is taken care of. 

Here are the reasons why a multimodal SCM solution is better for your business:

1. Real-time Visibility: The real-time monitoring of logistics and supply chains has rapidly evolved into a fundamental requirement. A multimodal platform saves the hassle of switching to different vendors to get real-time information on all your shipments.

2. Cost Effectiveness: Businesses may mitigate risks and address inconsistencies with better timing if they can access timely insights and data about logistical challenges at various points.

3. Reduced Risks: Companies can reduce risks by gaining predictive insights into their whole supply chain. Supply chain disturbances can be detected in real-time, allowing corrective actions to be formulated before any irreparable damage is done.

4. Informed Decisions: Supply chain managers will have more time to examine market trends, fix faults, and plan for interruptions because of AI and ML’s ability to analyze massive volumes of data quickly. 

5. Process Automation: Thanks to the capabilities of AI and ML, a lot of repetitive tasks like checking shipment tracking, stakeholder updates, and vendor updates don’t need to be done manually. Multimodal SCM software automates these manual and duplicative tasks.

Final thoughts:

Start with automation software that best fits your business needs and requirements. It would be best if you explored an easy-to-use, customizable, multi-modal logistics solution, which is also highly scalable as and when your business grows. Not to mention, such SaaS solutions are the easiest to deploy, hardly require any training to start using, and are highly intuitive. These affordable solutions make it easier for medium and smaller companies to optimize their supply chain efficiencies cost-effectively.

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