6 Best Freight Procurement Software for Improved Negotiation

15 Best Freight Procurement Software for Improved Negotiation

Tired of wrestling with freight quotes and chasing down the best deals? Imagine a world where AI negotiates for you, specialized software tackles specific challenges, and the cloud keeps everything accessible. AI is reshaping supply chain innovation, management, and optimization of freight operations. This is the reality of modern freight procurement software! We’ve explored the top 15 contenders to help you navigate the landscape and unlock a new level of efficiency and savings in your negotiations. Get ready to transform your freight game!

What makes the perfect Freight Procurement Software : The Checklist

Freight Sourcing and Bidding: Look for software that provides a comprehensive platform for freight sourcing and bidding. It should allow you to efficiently solicit quotes from multiple carriers and compare them based on factors such as price, service level, and transit time.

Carrier Network and Integration: Ensure that the software has a wide network of reliable carriers that you can connect with easily. It should support integration with carrier systems, allowing for streamlined communication, real-time tracking, and electronic documentation exchange.

Rate Management: Effective rate management is crucial for freight procurement. The software should enable you to maintain and manage carrier rates, including contract rates, spot rates, and accessorial. It should also support rate negotiation and provide tools to analyze rate performance. Additionally, innovative rate management functionalities incorporate automation capabilities, streamlining rate updates and reducing manual errors.

Analytics and Reporting: Look for software that offers robust analytics and reporting capabilities. It should provide actionable insights into your freight spend, vendor participation, carrier performance, lane analysis, and other key metrics. Customizable reports and dashboards are also beneficial. Recent advancements in freight procurement software include advanced data visualization tools, predictive analytics algorithms, and machine learning capabilities, allowing businesses to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and opportunities within their supply chain data. 

Furthermore, modern freight procurement software integrates with other business systems, such as ERP and TMS platforms, to provide seamless data exchange and holistic visibility into end-to-end supply chain processes.

Automation and Workflow: The software should automate manual tasks and streamline workflows. This includes features such as easy approval of freight quotes across the internal hierarchy, automated carrier selection based on predefined rules, automated document generation, and workflow notifications that keep stakeholders informed and facilitate proactive management of shipments. Integration with other systems like ERP or TMS can enhance process efficiency.

Compliance and Documentation: Freight procurement involves numerous compliance requirements and documentation. Ensure that the software helps you manage and track compliance with regulations, such as customs documentation, hazardous materials handling, and carrier insurance. It should support electronic documentation storage and retrieval. Cutting-edge software solutions integrate with government databases and regulatory agencies to facilitate real-time updates and alerts regarding changes in regulations, ensuring businesses stay informed and compliant at all times.

User Experience: A user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow are essential for user adoption and productivity. Evaluate the software’s ease of use, training and support resources, and the availability of mobile or web-based access for remote teams.
The advancements through software solutions enable leveraging user feedback and data analytics to continuously refine and optimize the user experience, address pain points, and enhance usability. By prioritizing user experience, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce training time, and drive greater user satisfaction and adoption of the freight procurement software.

Integration and Compatibility: Assess the software’s ability to integrate with other systems, such as your existing ERP, TMS, or WMS. Compatibility with standard file formats (EDI, XML, CSV) and the availability of APIs for data exchange can simplify data sharing and enhance process efficiency.

Top 15 Freight Procurement Software

1. GoComet Freight Negotiation Engine

GoComet’s freight negotiation engine offers an automated and compounded negotiation system to secure the best deals from vendors. Accepted by major global accounting firms, GoComet enables a transparent procurement process, reduces turnaround time, and provides vendor performance analytics.

Key Features:

– Automated and compounded negotiation system

– Transparent procurement process

– Real-time vendor performance analytics

– Record-keeping for future reference

Best For Businesses seeking automated freight negotiation with vendor performance analytics.

2. Coupa

Coupa’s RFQ management software simplifies requesting quotes and consolidates negotiated rates on one dashboard. It provides real-time freight quotes, side-by-side comparisons, and vendor bidding via email.

Key Features:

– Real-time freight quotes

– Side-by-side quote comparison

– Vendor bidding via email

– Dashboard for consolidated rates

Best For Businesses in need of real-time freight quotes and simplified RFQ management.

3. Alpega

Alpega’s Freight Cost Management software digitizes and automates the rate procurement process. It offers a comprehensive overview of total freight costs, contract management, and invoice settlement on a reliable, cloud-based platform.

Key Features:

– Digitized and automated rate procurement

– Comprehensive overview of total freight costs

– Contract management and invoice settlement

– Cloud-based platform for reliability

Best For Businesses seeking comprehensive freight cost management on a cloud-based platform.

4. Transporeon

Transposons Rate Management module offers centralized data handling and transparency for freight rates. It simplifies the processing of complex pricing plans, surcharges, and alternative shipping options with centralized storage for all freight contracts and documents per carrier and contract.

Key Features:

– Centralized data handling for freight rates

– Simplified processing of complex pricing plans

– Centralized storage for freight contracts and documents

– Transparency in freight rate management

Best For Businesses managing complex freight contracts and pricing plans.

5. FreightPOP

FreightPOP’s multi-carrier rate shopping module aims to save up to 30% on shipping and freight. It offers a Rate Shopping dashboard for easy comparison of negotiated rates, shipment information autofill, and email quoting directly from the app.

Key Features:

– Multi-carrier rate shopping

– Rate Shopping dashboard for easy comparison

– Shipment information autofill

– Email quoting directly from the app

Best For Businesses looking to save on shipping and freight costs with multi-carrier rate shopping.

6. Freightos

Freightos offers painless global freight comparison and booking. It provides free freight quotes, instant comparison of shipping quotes from 75+ freight forwarders, and transparent pricing with all-in shipment fees.

Key Features:

– Free freight quotes

– Instant comparison of shipping quotes

– Transparent pricing with all-in shipment fees

– Global freight comparison and booking

Best For Businesses seeking painless global freight comparison and transparent pricing.

7. Kuebix

Kuebix is a cloud-based TMS that helps shippers find the best shipping rates, book orders, and track shipments. It offers real-time rate shopping, booking and tracking, auditing, and integrations to improve freight procurement processes.

Key Features:

– Real-time rate shopping

– Booking and tracking of shipments

– Auditing and integrations

– Cloud-based platform for accessibility

Best For Shippers seeking real-time rate shopping and cloud-based TMS capabilities.

8. LogistaaS

LogistaaS is a cloud-based freight procurement software offering automated RFQs, real-time quotes, transparent pricing, and data analytics. It provides increased visibility, improved efficiency, and reduced risk for freight forwarding operations.

Key Features:

– Automated RFQs

– Real-time quotes

– Transparent pricing

– Data analytics for improved efficiency

Best For Businesses seeking increased visibility and efficiency in freight forwarding operations.

9. ShipStation

ShipStation offers freight rate shopping, label printing, tracking, inventory management, and integrations to streamline freight shipping processes. It helps businesses save time, improve visibility, and increase efficiency in freight operations.

Key Features:

– Freight rate shopping

– Label printing and tracking

– Inventory management

– Integrations with other business applications

Best For Businesses seeking streamlined freight shipping processes and improved efficiency.

10. Flexport

Flexport is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses manage global freight shipments. It offers features like order management, freight booking, customs clearance, insurance, and reporting, providing real-time visibility and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Key Features:

– Global freight shipment management

– Order management and booking

– Customs clearance and insurance

– Real-time visibility and compliance reporting

Best For Businesses managing complex global freight shipments with regulatory compliance needs.

11. FreightView

Freightview is a self-service Transportation Management System (TMS) that significantly enhances the freight procurement process for businesses. It is designed to simplify and streamline the procurement of freight services, offering a user-friendly interface and immediate implementation.

Key Features:

– Rate Comparison

– Booking and Tracking

– Carrier Communication

– Analytics and Reporting

– Document Management

Best for businesses looking to optimize their freight procurement process.

12. GoFreight

GoFreight is a cloud-based freight management software tailored for international freight forwarders and NVOCCs. It enhances freight procurement by simplifying the process of sourcing, tracking, and managing shipments across various transportation modes.

Key Features:

– User-Friendly Interface

– Comprehensive Management

– Integrated Accounting

– Automated Documentation

Best for small to mid size businesses aiming to optimize freight procurement processes.

13. CargoBase

CargoBase is a cloud-based freight management software designed to streamline freight procurement and logistics operations for businesses of all sizes. It provides end-to-end solutions for managing local and international shipments.

Key Features:

– Customer Managemet

– Billing and Invoicing

– Shipment Tracking

– 3PL Management

Best for businesses looking to optimize freight procurement processes, as it helps manage import/export activities and coordinate with local and international forwarders.

14. Descartes Aljex

Descartes is a cloud-based freight management software that enhances freight procurement processes. It offers solutions for real-time visibility, transportation management, and carrier connectivity, making it ideal for optimizing logistics operations.

Key Features:

– Real-Time-Visibility

– Comprehensive TMS

– Carrier Connectivity

– Integrated Solutions

Ideal for businesses needing efficient freight procurement, improving shipment visibility, and optimizing logistics and carrier management

15. E2open

E2open is a comprehensive cloud-based supply chain management software that includes robust freight procurement capabilities. It helps businesses manage logistics operations, improve supply chain visibility, and optimize transportation management.

– Freight Cost Reductions

– Global Reach

– Supply Network Coordinations

– Carrier Connectivity

E2open is ideal for businesses looking to optimize their freight procurement processes. It suits companies that need to manage complex logistics operations, improve supply chain visibility, and reduce transportation costs through better carrier selection and real-time tracking.

Software NameKey FeaturesPricingBest For
GoComet– Automated negotiation systemRequires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Automated freight negotiation
Coupa– Real-time freight quotesRequires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Simplified RFQ management
Alpega– Digitized rate procurementRequires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Comprehensive freight cost management
Transporeon– Centralized data handling for freight ratesRequires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Managing complex freight contracts
FreightPOP– Multi-carrier rate shoppingRequires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Saving on shipping and freight costs
Freightos– Painless global freight comparisonContract Management Services: $40User Fees: $49 per user/month.Transparent pricing and global comparison
Kuebix– Real-time rate shoppingOptions include a free plan, subscription, and free trial for selection.Real-time rate shopping and cloud-based TMS
LogistaaS– Automated RFQsFreight management solution: $55/user/monthCustomer relationship management: $35/user/monthIncreased visibility and efficiency
ShipStation– Freight rate shoppingPricing tiers: Starter $9/monthBronze $29/monthSilver $49/monthGold $69/monthPlatinum $99/monthEnterprise $159/month.Streamlined freight shipping processes
Flexport– Global freight shipment managementRequires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Managing complex global freight shipments
FreightView– Centralized Freight management and comparisonRequires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Cost comparison across carriers
GoFreight– End to End logistics
Requires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Logistic providers needing comprehensive management tools
CargoBase– Automated Freight
Requires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Companies looking for Automated freight booking and management
Descartes– Global Logistics Requires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Companies needing global logistics visibility and compliance management
E2open-Supply Chain Operating NetworkRequires a custom quote (publicly undisclosed)Large enterprises needing supply chain optimizations


By leveraging freight procurement software, businesses can optimize their freight spend, ensuring that they achieve the best value for money. The software facilitates transparent and collaborative communication between shippers and carriers, enabling them to negotiate contracts, manage freight tenders, and monitor performance effectively. This level of visibility and control minimizes risks, improves compliance, and fosters stronger partnerships within the logistics ecosystem.

To know more about how to best negotiate the lowest prices for your shipment, and identify the right freight procurement software for your business, reach out to us today!