5 Best TMS Software in 2023

Bottomline: What’s the right solution for you? A custom-tailored system or a ready-made TMS? 

If you want to choose an automation solution that best suits your everyday business needs and budget, then it would be wise not to spend too much on extensive TMS software. These systems can get expensive over time if there are no economies in place from having multiple use cases across various departments within an organization. 

Our recommendation

Suppose you want to start with an automation solution that best fits your business needs and requirements. In that case, you should explore an easy-to-use, customizable, multi-modal logistics solution like GoComet, which is also highly scalable as and when your business grows. Not to mention, such SaaS solutions are the easiest to deploy, hardly require any training to start using and are highly intuitive. These affordable solutions make it easier for medium and smaller companies to optimize their supply chain efficiencies cost-effectively.


GoComet is an AI-Powered multi-modal logistics platform that leverages the combined power of data science and machine intelligence. Businesses worldwide are using GoComet’s cloud-based multi-modal logistics platform to automate various processes across the supply chain, such as procuring freight rates, tracking shipments, reconciling invoices, benchmarking freight, and more. 

GoComet is helping global companies move cargo worth billions of dollars annually and has already enabled its customers worldwide to achieve double-digit cost savings through its platform. 

  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Clients: Global
  • Price Point: Affordable
  • Modes: Sea, Air, Railways and Road
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Feel free to fix a free walkthrough demo of how GoComet’s solution can help you drive double-digit cost savings in your supply chain while eliminating all the pain points you may currently face due to the lack of automation. 

Amazon, Apple, P&G, Unilever – companies that figured the importance of a great supply chain are proof that when your supply chain is strong, it can make all the difference in business success. According to a Gartner report, these companies have seen tremendous market share growth and were largely unaffected by global supply chain crises going on for the past few years. In fact, the COVID pandemic further magnified the financial growth of these companies.  

So, how did these companies achieve supply chain resilience and agility? 

World-class logistics and supply chain strategy begins with an end-to-end automation solution such as a transportation management system (TMS). In addition, the software as service cloud solutions (SaaS) allows shippers to access top-tier technologies at an affordable price point, regardless if they are medium or small-sized in terms of volume transported per year. 

Challenges you may face in opting for the right Transportation Management System

TMS buyers are in for tough choices because the market is growing fast. The options have exploded with so many new automation solutions, making it hard to decide which one will meet your needs best!

The TMS market is expected to grow 4 times larger between now and 2025 by reaching $4.9 billion in sales (71% growth compared with 2020), which means it will be even more challenging for you to choose the right solution!

What key features and benefits should you consider before choosing a TMS?

As demand for TMS software grows, so does their availability among companies offering them. To better understand what makes up one average product within TMS offerings, we may have to distinguish key features and benefits from different versions available in today’s marketplace. 

Your TMS should have:

  • Multi-modal transportation management
  • Freight rate procurement
  • Planning optimal routes
  • Effortless collaboration between supply chain stakeholders
  • Seamless and proactive communication
  • End-to-end visibility over all domestic and international shipments
  • Transparency at every stage
  • Data storage inside supply chains
  • Audit ready freight reports
  • Invoice automation

Here’s our list of Top 5 TMS in the world in 2023:

 1. MercuryGate

MercuryGate is a global TMS designed for all modes of delivery. This ready-made solution can be based on cloud technology to enable users to get remote control over the system and have an easy time interacting with their shipments during shipping processes from one side. At the same time, companies that expect future business growth will find scalability among its strong points because this makes it possible for them to grow without any hassle or worry about limitations imposed by existing systems. The solution is compatible with diverse methods like LTL, FTL, railway etc. 

  • Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina
  • Clients: Global (Primarily North American oriented)
  • Price Point: Moderate to High
  • Modes: Sea, Air, Railways and Road

2. Oracle Transportation Management

Oracle TMS is a robust platform for large companies with huge volumes and diverse shipping needs. The system can help you streamline your logistics operations and optimize service levels while reducing freight costs throughout all phases of the business lifecycle – from planning to billings & invoicing. Systems like these provide users easy-to-use interfaces that allow them to take advantage of powerful features such as fleet management tools.  

  • Headquarters: Redwood Shores, California
  • Clients: Global
  • Price Point: High
  • Modes: Sea, Air, Railways and Road

3. JDA Blue Yonder TMS

The Blue Yonder Transportation Management System (formerly JDA) is a cloud-based software that allows business owners to automate and synchronize all processes inside their supply chain. With this TMS, every stage becomes transparent for users with unmatched expertise in analyzing data which helps managers make better decisions on when or where they should transport goods based on key metrics. 

  • Headquarters: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Clients: Global
  • Price Point: High
  • Modes: Sea, Air, Railways and Road

4. Kuebix

Kuebix’s transportation management system enables business owners to get an effective platform for advanced analytics and transparency. The software caters to different supply chain needs, allowing it to work well regardless of how big your company may grow. Scalability makes this TMS fully adjustable according to diverse delivery modes like ground shipping or air freighting without any problem at all.

  • Headquarters: Maynard, Massachusetts
  • Clients: Mainly US focussed
  • Price Point: Moderate to High
  • Modes: Sea, Air, Railways and Road

5. Manhattan TMS

Manhattan TMS offers many features that help smooth supply chain tasks, including procurement management, fleet tracking, audit, payment automation, etc. The solution also has multi-modal functions to meet end-customers expectations. The system is designed to provide logistics companies with an advanced level of planning and control, ensuring they can meet their customers’ expectations. Users get access not only through one interface but multiple modes, so there are no gaps in information or functionality between departments within the business and other external stakeholders. 

  • Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Clients: Global
  • Price Point: High
  • Modes: Sea, Air, Railways and Road

So, which TMS solution should you pick for your business?